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Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

How To Answer: So… Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Do you have any questions for us? The one chance in a job interview where you’ll get to ask the question and an opportunity for you to really show an interest in the role and company.

We recommend always asking a question instead of politely declining. This is because it’s beneficial for your job chances to carry on the conversation and prove your enthusiasm.

How to answer do you have any questions?

Before your interview think carefully about the type of question you want to ask. You may want to centre it around the role or company to find out more information. Some interviewees also choose to ask about workplace culture, diversity and inclusion as well as the effects of industry changes and trends.

Remember a job interview is a two-way conversation. Use this opportunity to find out more about the role and for you to decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Examples of what to do

Do ask the interviewer for more information on the day to day responsibilities and tasks of the role

Do ask them about what practices they put into place to promote an inclusive workplace

Do ask them about the current team’s work style and upcoming projects

Good examples:

“What projects are the current team working on and what is their strategy for the next 6 months?”

“How would you describe the company culture and how do new starters find adjusting to the workplace?”

“What are your candidate expectations for the successful candidate?”

“What do you like most about working for this company?”

“In your opinion what does success look like in this role and how do you measure it?

And what not to do

Don’t ask them about your job chances. “Do you think I’ve got the job?” This question is a little blunt to ask the interviewer and it doesn’t achieve much.

Don’t ask them about the competition. Putting the interviewer on the spot to make candidate comparisons is unprofessional and doesn’t look good. Plus you may be the first to interview that day!

Don’t ask about holidays. We think it’s a bit of a wasted opportunity to ask a question like this. As this information is usually stated in the job advert or can be discussed once you hopefully get the job.


Good luck and find more tips for job interviews here.

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