UI Designer Key Skills

DESIGN_BANNER_small_with_boarderWhen you’re applying for UI design jobs, it goes without saying that you want to give yourself the best chance of getting the role. With that in mind; there are always key things that an employer is going to be looking for whenever they receive a CV for a prospective new user interface design employee.

To give you a helping hand, on this page we’ve listed the top key skills that are in demand when it comes to new UI jobs.

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Agile Development Experience

Just like a lot of other roles in the digital sector, when it comes to UI design roles, employers want to hear from candidates who already have experience of working in an agile environment. Don’t have it? If you haven’t got agile development experience, it’s definitely worth reading up on it so you at least know what the key fundamentals of the methodology are.

Experience With Mobile/Responsive Designs

As with any other design role in the digital industry, experience with mobile and responsive design (particularly iOS and Android) and experience with UI design on mobile apps is really essential because more and more employers are starting to place a greater focus on creating great user interfaces across all desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Strong Understanding Of UI Design Principles

OK, so this might be a pretty obvious one but we thought it was still worth including. When it comes to your application, employers want to see some kind of evidence that you’re familiar with the key principles of UI design, such as structure, simplicity, tolerance and visibility – so try and work your knowledge into either your CV or cover letter.

Adobe Creative Suite

A good working knowledge of the whole Adobe Creative Suite, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, is definitely another key element employers look for on UI design job applications. Why? Because these are the key fall-back programs in a lot of agencies and businesses.

Familiarity With Sketch, Marvel, Invision and Axure

In addition to some of the programs mentioned in the last point, employers are also looking for candidates who have experience with some of the key tools that are related to UI design in particular, such as Sketch. Other tools which are popular in the industry right now include mobile and web prototyping tools and apps like Marvel and Invision and interactive wireframing tools such as Axure.

Experience Creating Wireframes & User Stories

Following on from that last set of tools, just like UX jobs, when it comes to UI design jobs, employers also want to see that candidates have got experience in some of the key elements such as wire-framing and creating user stories. Why? Because they’re all linked to UI design and the overall experience a user has when they use an app or visit a website.

Experience With User Research

If you’re looking for a new UI design job, it’s definitely a good idea to mention your experience with user research on your CV. In particular, employers are looking for candidates who have experience with user scenarios, user roles, personas and work flows – so these are all things you should consider adding to your CV before you apply for that next UI role.