Graphic Designer Key Skills

DESIGN_BANNER_small_with_boarderWhatever kind of digital job you’re applying for, it goes without saying that there are going to be a number of key skills that employers always look for on your CV.

On this page, you can find a list of the top key skills employers look for on graphic design CVs.

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Adobe Creative Suite:

OK, so we thought we’d start with the most obvious one – a good working knowledge of the whole Adobe Creative Suite. Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, InDesign – you name it, employers want to see that you’re familiar and competent in all of these programs and that you’re able to produce strong sales and marketing materials using every one of them.

Responsive Design:

Due to the rise of mobile, it makes sense that a lot of brands are now looking to employ graphic and web designers who can create effective graphics and designs for all devices. If you don’t actually have commercial experience with responsive design, it’s still a good idea to get to grips with the principles of responsive design so you’re not caught off guard should an employer question you about this at interview stage.

Communication Skills:

Again, this might be an obvious one but I thought I’d mention it anyway because it’s a really important one. Whatever kind of graphic design job you’re applying for, communication is going to play an important part as you’re going to have to communicate with other team members, clients and potentially other agencies – so you need to make sure you’ve got strong communication skills listed on your CV.

Interaction Design:

Now, familiarity with interaction design isn’t essential for all graphic design jobs, however as customer interaction and experience design continues to cross over into graphic and web design, we think this is going to become more and more important. Just like responsive design, before your interview, it might just be worth having a quick read up on interaction design to ensure you’re familiar with the key fundamentals.

Strong Attention To Detail:

Employers are counting on you to create sales and marketing material for their brand so they need to be able to trust you when it comes to the little details – that’s why it’s essential that you have strong attention to detail. With that in mind; it’s important that you don’t make any mistakes on your CV, cover letter or portfolio that would make an employer question your attention to detail.

Working knowledge of HTML and CSS

Lots of employers these days want their designers to be able to do a bit of everything which is why they tend to ask for graphic designers who have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS. Now, just to clarify, this isn’t the case for every employer – particularly the larger brands who have their own front-end development teams, but this does tend to be the case with smaller employers who have limited teams.