Games Designer Key Skills

DESIGN_BANNER_small_with_boarderWhether you’re applying for a level editor or design manager job, there are certain things all employers are on the lookout for when hiring new games designers.

On this page you can find a list of the skills and experience that are most in demand when it comes to games designer vacancies across the board.

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Familiarity With The Adobe Creative Suite

As with any digital design job, employers want to see that you’re familiar with the whole Adobe Creative Suite when you’re applying for games designer jobs. This means that in addition to the standard PhotoShop, you’ll also need to perfect your skills with Illustrator, InDesign and Fireworks too.

Strong Understanding Of UI & UX

In addition to the visuals themselves, usability and user experience are key components of any games designer role – so it makes sense that employers want to hear from candidates who have a good understanding of usability, UI and UX design (namely KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid!).

Experience Across All Platforms

When it comes to games designer jobs, employers are looking for candidates who have a range of experience across a range of platforms – namely mobile, mobile consoles and operating systems such as iOS and Android. Experience with social gaming platforms can also be a bonus.

Good Understanding Of Game Structures & Systems

The vast majority of development houses and studios build games using a range of systems and structures so it makes sense that they want to hear from candidates who have a good working knowledge of a range of game structures and systems, game reward systems, multi-platform technologies and the outside world. In addition, some employers also like to hear from candidates who have experience of building, designing and balancing multi-player systems and games.

Ability To Create Scamps & Visual Ideas

In terms of other key skills, a lot of employers also want to hear from candidates who have core design skills, such as the ability to create scamps and visual ideas – and who have a strong eye for detail.

Agile Project Management Experience

Due to the busy nature of development houses, a lot of employers want to hear from candidates who have previous experience working in an Agile working environment – and strong teamwork skills.

AAA Game Design Experience

Obviously if you’ve got experience working on AAA games, this is definitely going to be a big drawer for employers – so it’s definitely worth mentioning this on both your CV and your cover letter to ensure it doesn’t get overlooked.