Web Designer Job Interview Questions & Answers

DESIGN_BANNER_small_with_boarderGot a job interview coming up for a web designer vacancy? It’s important to get prepared for some of the most common interview questions ahead of time to avoid getting caught out on the day.

To give you a bit of a head start, on this page we’ve listed some of the most common job interview questions for web design vacancies, in addition to some of our top tips for each.

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Q: What Are Your Strongest Skills?

An employer will ask you this question because they want to see how well you know yourself as a candidate and how confidently you can talk about yourself as a professional web designer. With this kind of answer, the ‘right’ answer will ultimately come down to your personal skills, however as a general rule we’d suggest picking three key skills which demonstrate your expertise across a range of situations. For example, you could choose a technical skill, such as your proficiency with Photoshop, a soft skill, such as patience and a skill which reflects you within a professional role eg. ambitious.

Whichever skills you choose to name, be sure to have examples in your back pocket to support your choices – and if you really want to get this job, you could even name some of the skills you know they’re specifically looking for in a candidate for this role (these should be named in the job description/advert).

Q: What Can You Bring To The Role That Other Candidates Can’t?

It can be difficult to answer this kind of question because you obviously have no idea who the other candidates are that are being interviewed for this role. With that in mind; it’s a good idea to focus on your strengths and what makes you different as a web designer, rather than try and second-guess what the weaknesses might be of the other candidates.

As we just mentioned; you need to think about what it is that makes you unique as a candidate. Is it your background? The fact you’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry? Or the fact you’ve worked your way up in the industry with pretty much no technical training? We know this can be difficult, but try and think about what would make you take a candidate on if they had your profile.

In addition to mentioning your technical skills and background, with this question it’s also a good idea to focus on the company you’re applying for and how you would fit in. For example, you could say that if you got the role, you’d bring a strong work ethic and strong team management skills which would help the web design team to achieve their goals and improve ROI for the agency and their clients.

Q: Which Is Your Favourite Program & Why?

With this kind of question, the employer obviously wants to find out more about your technical expertise with particular web design programs, such as InDesign, but that’s not all – they’ve also asked you why this is your favourite program because they want to try and get an insight into your personality and how you communicate.

With this sort of answer, the actual answer eg. the program doesn’t really matter – but your reasons do. Some of the reasons you give will reflect your personality and the way you work – so whichever answer you give, it’s important to be honest and to ensure your answer reflects your true feelings.

Q: Why Did You Apply For This Role?

With this kind of question, the employer wants to find out what your motivations were for applying for this particular web designer vacancy – and while it’s important to be honest, it’s also important not to focus on any ‘selfish’ reasons eg. a huge salary or great company benefits. With this question, the employer wants to find out what attracted you to this particular role – so it’s important to choose reasons which shine you in the best light and which prove you’re taking this application seriously.

When it comes to this answer, talking about how much respect you have for their company/brand or how much you appreciate one of their recent web design campaigns is always going to go down well, while saying that you feel this role is a good fit for your skills and experience and would be the perfect next challenge in your career is also a good shout. Why? Because all employers want to hear that you’re a fan of their business – and they also want to employ candidates who are keen to push themselves to the next level.

Q: What Would You Say Your Biggest Achievement In Your Career Has Been So Far?

OK, so your biggest achievement is probably going to be mentioned on your CV or cover letter and included in your portfolio – but there’s a strong possibility an employer will still ask you about your biggest achievements in an interview setting because they want to hear you describe a project in your own words. When trying to prepare for this kind of answer, consider which projects you’ve worked on which were particularly challenging or which gave you the greatest satisfaction upon completion.

Whatever achievement you choose, it’s important to explain why you think this is your biggest achievement and how you feel about it – two pieces of information which are hard to portray on a CV but which give an employer a real insight into who you are as a web designer.

Q: How Familiar Are You With Current Web Design Trends?

With this kind of question, the employer is really asking how familiar you are with current web design trends – and really what these current web design trends are. This means that it’s not enough to just say that you’re just “familiar” – you need to actually name-check a few design trends in your answer too. Not sure what these are? It’s definitely worth reading up on blogs on key sites like Creative Bloq and Smashing Magazine before you arrive before your job interview. Hint: Parallax scrolling, card designs and ghost buttons are all popular web design trends right now!