Graphic Designer Job Interview Questions & Answers

DESIGN_BANNER_small_with_boarderIf you’re applying for graphic design jobs, at some point you’re going to be invited for an interview –and when you do, it’s important to be prepared.

On this page, we’ve listed some of the most common graphic design job interview questions – and below them, we’ve included a few things you should (and shouldn’t!) include in your answers.

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Q: What Attracted You To The Graphic Design Industry?

With this question, the interviewer is obviously keen to find out where your passion lies and what your motivations are for working in the industry.  When trying to prepare your answer to this question, think about what it is that makes you want to continue to work in the graphic design industry. Is it the creativity aspect? The chance to create pieces which will be seen by thousands of people every day? Or the fact you get to create lots of different pieces of work every year? With this type of answer, it’s easy to tell who’s being false and who’s being honest so whatever answer you give, try and stay true to yourself and avoid copying anyone else.

Q: Why Did You Apply For This Job?

While the first question assessed your motivation for the industry in general, this question is designed to test your motivations and reasons for applying for this particular role. The employer wants to see how much you know about the role and company on offer and they’re really asking why you think you’re a good fit for this particular graphic design job. When answering this question – again, it’s good to be honest – but you need to avoid citing purely selfish reasons eg. amazing salary or 40 days holiday a year. Instead of citing the aforementioned reasons, a better answer might be to say you’re looking for a new challenge and you’d love the chance to work for an established brand that has a great reputation within the industry. You could also mention how your skills and experience align perfectly with the role on offer – and how your values also match those of the brands.

Q: What Has Been Your Most Successful Campaign & Why?

An employer might ask this question because, although you might have mentioned it on your CV or included it in your portfolio, they want to hear about your most successful campaign in your own words. With this question, the employer wants to hear about your passion for that particular campaign and why you personally think it was such a success. They’re also looking to see how you judge the success of a campaign and how and what you did to make it successful. Obviously with this question, your answer will depend on your previous experience – but whichever campaign you choose, try and have some stats to hand and be careful not to take responsibility for other people’s work.

Q: What Do You The Most Important Qualities Of A Graphic Designer Are?

An employer will ask this question because they’re looking for your opinion on what makes a great graphic designer in terms of qualities and skills – something which should be easy to name if you’re a great designer yourself. When trying to prepare an answer for this question, think about the skills and traits you have which help you in your day-to-day work – examples could include things like patience, strong communication skills and a great eye for detail, as well as more technical things such as familiarity with the whole Adobe Creative Suite. With this type of question, there are no real right or wrong answers – an employer is looking for your opinion and the reasons behind your opinion.

Q: What Is Your Favourite Part Of The Design Process?

This question can seem a bit personal – but again, it’s just another question to try and determine what makes you tick as a designer. Again, with this one it all comes to down to personal opinion and – as with any other interview question – it’s important to be honest because if you lie here, it could come back to haunt you later down the line. In general, the design process can be split into three chunks – the initial consultation, the creative process and the final negotiations/finished results. If you can’t pick one particular stage, you could pick out different aspects of each and explain why you enjoy them.

Q: What’s The One Piece In Your Portfolio That You’re Most Proud Of?

Now, at first, you might think that this question is the same as the “most successful” one – but it’s actually a bit different. Why? Because with this question, the employer is asking for your opinion as an individual – they’re asking for you to judge a piece of work based on your own feelings, rather than things like stats and success rates. Why? Because this gives them an insight into who you are as an individual and helps them to assess how well you’d fit in with their current workforce.

Q: What Makes You Stand Out As A Graphic Designer?

With this question, the employer is basically asking you why they should hire you over any other candidate and they’re also testing how well you know yourself as a professional graphic designer. Again, with this question it’s important to be honest and to think about what qualities and experience you might possess as a graphic designer that other candidates might not – this could be your previous client base, the range and depth of your experience – or even some of the techniques you’ve picked up in your career. Whatever reasons you give, be sure to have some examples to hand so you can back them up.