Digital Jobs in Manchester


Manchester is one of the UK’s most exciting cities, and its digital sector is a key driver behind this success. With a thriving tech industry and an enviable track record for innovation, Manchester has become the number one destination for high-quality digital jobs in the UK.

    The city’s leading universities are creating a growing talent pool of graduates with specialist digital skills, while strong links between academia and industry ensure that employers can access highly qualified applicants quickly. This combined with significant government investment in infrastructure means there are plenty of opportunities to set up shop in Manchester.

    In recent years the city has seen an influx of leading technology companies setting up offices here, including Google, Microsoft and IBM – all looking to tap into the region's wealth of creative talent. These businesses benefit from excellent transport links across Europe as well as local business support networks such as The Landing at MediaCityUK and TechNorth which provide advice on setting up new ventures and connecting with existing partners.

    For those looking for employment within these organisations or other smaller firms based in Manchester there are lots of exciting opportunities available across software development, data analytics & insights, UX design & engineering roles plus many more besides! Indeed it's no surprise then that so many talented individuals have been attracted by job openings available from some of world’s biggest tech names who now call the North West their home turf.

    What makes working in Manchester truly special however is its vibrant cultural scene; whether you're seeking out live music events or wonderful art galleries -it really does have something for everyone! Coupled with its competitive salaries on offer within Digital industries ,the choice doesn't take much deliberation when deciding where to pursue your career aspirations….Manchester simply stands head and shoulders above other cities when it comes to offering quality Digital Jobs!

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