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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting A Job Interview

Have you ever felt frustrated when you’ve submitted a job application and not received a response? Here are some possible reasons, as to why this might be happening. Understanding WHY this happens can ultimately help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Below are 5 reasons why your CV could be landing in the ‘no’ pile.

Mass-distributing your CV

Obviously, it’s great to apply for multiple different jobs but sending out the same CV to different roles, just won’t work. When a hiring manager reads a CV that has not been tailored to the job requirements they can tell in an instant. This is because your skills and experience will not target a specific role. It can also demonstrate a lack of care and may appear as though you have no interest in the role or company.

Social media presence

It is becoming increasingly common for potential employers to search for you online. They want to gain a better understanding of who you are as a person rather than a candidate. Which can be risky especially if they find something they don’t like, maybe an image you posted or shared, putting your job chances at risk. To avoid this, before applying for a job clean up your online presence. Make everything private and focus on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, rather than Facebook. If you really don’t want to be found, try removing your last name and replacing it with your middle name.

Lack of keywords

If the organisation uses an applicant tracking software, you will need to incorporate keywords within your CV in order to rank highly. By including commonly used terms or words within your chosen sector of work, you can increase your chances of getting your CV looked at by the hiring manager. If you don’t focus on including this, it can eliminate you within the first stage of the job application process.

Not qualified for the role

A simple reason to answer the question ‘why aren’t you getting a job interview?’ can be because you are just not the right candidate for the role. Whether this is due to your lack of experience within the sector or you may even be overqualified for the role. You just are not the best fit. This is why it is important to read the job description and role requirements. To truly understand whether the job is right for you. You may have applied for the role in hopes they would brush over the fact that you are underqualified for the job, but this isn’t always likely and this situation is usually when you won’t receive a job interview offer.


A CV layout consisting of two pages can be effective in allowing the potential employer to easily see your work history and experience. A hiring manager wants to initially scan through your CV quickly, which is difficult if the layout is confusing. Additionally, it is important you don’t upload your CV in a rush. Allow yourself time to proofread because otherwise, it can look unprofessional and sloppy. Always remember to include a cover letter, addressing the name of the hiring manager if known, unless stated otherwise. This shows a level of professionalism and indicates you are serious about the role.

But remember

These are not always the reasons as to why you’re not getting a response. Sometimes if the position has been filled already, you won’t necessarily receive a reply. Or simply if the role has hundreds of applicants the HR department or hiring manager may not get around to looking at your CV. However, if this is a frequent occurrence for you, it’s worth your while researching smaller companies and looking directly onto their website for current vacancies. This is because smaller companies with a smaller advertising budget will tend to advertise internally rather than distributing to job boards or recruitment agencies.


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    Great post, It is helpful to everyone..Thank you for sharing this post!!
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  2. Excellent and spot-on advice for all…especially college seniors who often wait until the last minute to start their job search. Typos…sloppy formatting…”one-size-fits-all” verbiage. Every job application is an individual and unique incident…treat it as such.

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