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Why it’s a Good Idea for Recruiters to use Instagram

You may be currently using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but have not considered venturing out onto the social media platform Instagram. Don’t disregard this site as purely a platform for people to share pictures of their friends or what they’ve eaten that day. But instead see its potential! Instagram has 500 million active users, which your company needs to be interacting with.


First off by using Instagram you can show to your audience who you are and what you do, purely through images. By keeping your posts lighthearted your audience will be more willing to interact. Whereas if the content you are posting is generic and unimaginative users will be more unlikely to follow.


When looking to fill positions for job roles, an additional way to advertise these can be through Instagram. By creating a simple image showcasing the job opportunity it will enable your advert to reach a larger audience. Although Instagram does not allow links within your posts caption, you can create one in your bio. Which you could change regularly dependent on the job vacancies.

Build your brand

Prove you take social media seriously by excelling in using it professionally, particularly if you’re a recruitment agency specialising in digital! You could use your Instagram bio to direct traffic back to your website. Or during the initial stages cross promote your Instagram page through other social media platforms. This is to build its following through your more established networks such as your Twitter page. Additionally, make sure your profile picture is your company logo, so users can easily build brand recognition.

Target millennials

51% of Instagram users are aged between 18-24. So if you are looking to reach this demographic, Instagram is a great platform to do so. A millennial seeking a job, may be researching recruitment agencies to help them with this process. Therefore if they come across your profile on Instagram through you using relevant hashtags, they may take a look a look at your profile and ultimately your company!

Attract potential employees

A good way to get attract potential employees is by providing them with a brief insight into your company through social media. Use Instagram to document fun events occurring within your workplace, your work might hold coffee mornings or an employee may be retiring, so with their permission (of course) take a snapshot! Active social media users are curious and will seek out your company to see who works there, what your office is like, so they know what to expect before they submit their job application.

Top Tip – Aim to post at least once a week to build a following 

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