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Why Is No One Applying For My Job?

Why are candidates bypassing your job advert?

We’ve talked a lot in the past about writing the perfect job advert. The description must be clear, the job requirements realistic and the layout concise. Excluding any potential bias that will misconstrue your hiring objective of fair and inclusive diversity is a definite must.

But what other reasons are there for why no one is applying for your job?

If you are struggling to attract top talent, then acknowledge these four points as possible causes to a hiring hiccup.

You can’t keep it brief

The whole advert is lengthy, detailed and almost confusing to the job seeker. Instead, a job advert should be precise and straightforward. If a potential candidate does want to find out more, then offer downloadable ‘job pack’ containing information about the role in much more detail.

If you don’t have time to put this together you can always include a contact email/phone number to ensure you’re available for any questions the applicant may have.

Your potential candidates have no idea about the job

In some cases being cryptic about the job role in the hopes to attract more applications is damaging. Instead, it will only promote irrelevant contenders, if any to your vacancy.

Remember to keep the job title clear and simple. A misleading title becomes harder to understand and identify exactly what it is the employer is asking. This also makes it particularly difficult to find a job online via search engines and job boards.

For example, when recruiting for a Digital Marketing Manager changing the title to Digital Marketing Content Social Media Analytics Specialist and Manager is just too long! Unnecessary changes like this won’t get your job viewed by the right people.

You’re not utilising your own careers page

Most employers in 2019 have their own designated careers page. Whilst sometimes this is powered by an ATS (depending on the size of the organisation) most employers will have a simple landing page on their own website.

If you feature a job ad on a job board, it’s beneficial to redirect the ad to the careers page on your website. This gives the candidate a sense of validation in terms of authenticating the company and job posting. It’s also a good opportunity for job seekers to familiarise themselves with the organisation and brand before applying.

You have mentioned job responsibilities that don’t match the salary

Do you want an A* candidate with impeccable skills and extensive experience but are only willing to offer a low salary?

Well if this is the case, you will struggle to attract any job applications. The role responsibilities must reflect the salary. It’s simple, if a potential applicant finds a similar role with a competitor offering a higher wage then they will apply for that job instead. This will cause you to lose out financially and competitively for top talent.

Are you struggling to attract top talent? Let us know what worked for you in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs.

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