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How To Answer: “Why Are You The Best Person For The Job?”

“Can you tell me why you are the best person for the job?”

You know you’re the right person for the job otherwise, you wouldn’t have applied for it in the first place! But learning to express this in an interview situation can sometimes be difficult. You don’t want to compare yourself to others or put other candidates down, so how do you explain to the interviewer you are the right person for the role?

Here are some tips to help you ace this question.

Focus on yourself

The number one rule when answering this question is to not compare yourself to other candidates. Picking apart their characteristics or previous experience looks unprofessional and rude. this can then cause the interviewer to question your likeliness to work well with others without conflict. So instead just concentrate on what you have to offer.

Top Tip: what were your initial thoughts when you read the job description? Did you think, this role is perfect for me? Or this is a company I could really envisage myself working at? Use these thoughts within your answer!

Your qualities and skills

It’s best that your answer consists of a combination of your skills and personal attributes that you believe make you the best candidate. For example, you may be someone who is very creative and this can give you an edge over other candidates.

But instead of just saying you are a creative individual, express how having a creative flair has previously helped you undertake projects that with your creative input gave a past employer an advantage over competitors. Use an example to really demonstrate your sincerity. Avoid cliches such as “I’m a really hard worker” without providing an example of your hard work. Because to be completely honest the interviewer has probably heard it a million times before!

Not just a job

When you chose to apply for the job is it just because you needed something to pay the bills? Or are you genuinely interested in the role and company? Or both!? Either way, what the interviewer wants to hear is that whilst you’re confident you can perform the role requirements to a high standard, you believe a contributing reason to this is because of the company. Their values and beliefs may align with yours or their company culture is a place you believe you can excel. Mentioning this makes the job way more than just a job to you. It’s the company, the people and the environment in which you will thrive, making you the best person for the role.

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