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What To Expect In A Telephone Interview

Congratulations you’ve got a telephone interview! You made it past the first recruitment stage — so well done you! Now once you’ve tackled the telephone interview you’ll be way on your way to job success. For more advice on what to do after a phone interview (including interview questions & answers) click here.

But for now, here is what you need to expect in a phone interview so you can feel prepared and confident for what’s to come.

It won’t be as in-depth as an interview

Instead of asking you all of the typical interview questions the interviewer will get you to answer more general questions like what do you know about the company, why did you apply for this role and what experience do you have? This is a way employers can ‘pre-screen you without ever having to meet you face-to-face (saving them time & money etc).

However when they do ask you a question, make sure your telephone manner is confident, friendly and enthusiastic to show your determination for the potential job.

Initially, they’ll do most of the talking

So listen up and take notes!

It’s likely the person interviewing you will do most of the talking. This gives them time to introduce themselves and talk briefly about the job role and company. This is a great opportunity to take plenty of notes and write down any key information they might provide you.

Silence is completely normal between questions

Don’t panic this is completely normal! Although it can feel quite strange and you may feel the urge to fill these silences… don’t! Allow the person interviewing you additional time to write down any comments or notes they may have once you’ve answered the question.

You can utilise this time to think about what you want to say next or write down any questions you have that you may want to ask at the end of the interview.

They’ll want to talk about your experience

The majority of questions you’ll be asked are likely to revolve around your experience, skillset and why you think you’re right for the role. So have your CV in front of you and be ready to talk about your previous roles/responsibilities. This way you can familiarise yourself with what you have previously done and how this will help you in the potential new role.

Remember the interviewer will probably have your CV in front of them, so reciting it back to them isn’t enough! Instead, try to expand on any key points and information with something they don’t already know.

You’ll need a good knowledge of the company

“What do you know about us?” & “Why did you choose to apply for a role here?” Are some of the sample interview questions you might get asked in relation to the company. If you’ve done your research before the interview, then now is your time to shine! Include the company values and beliefs within your answer and align them with your own. As a justification as to why you want to work there.

An answer that lacks confidence or certainty won’t bode well. The interviewer expects you to be fully knowledgeable and enthusiastic about where you could be potentially working. Otherwise, if you don’t seem interested, why should the employer!

Good luck with your next telephone interview!

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