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What to Bring to a Job Interview & What to Leave at Home

Well done you have an interview lined up! You really want the job but you’re not exactly sure what you need to bring to the interview and what to leave at home.

Well, worry no more because we have the answers. Put your mind at ease and follow our simple suggestions.


What to take with you to a job interview:

Your resume/cv

Always bring a copy of your CV/resume to the interview. It helps you remember exactly what is on there and to talk about your experience in a little more detail. It can also come in handy if the interviewer does not have a copy to hand.

A notepad and pen

Take out your notepad and pen when entering the interview room. It’s good to look prepared and organised. Show you’re eager and interested to learn more about what the interviewer has to say to you, by taking notes.


Bring water, on the off chance you’re not offered it in the interview. It can be quite distracting having a dry mouth when you’re trying to get your words out! Taking a sip also gives you a chance to collate your thoughts and keep calm before answering the next question.

Interview information

Keep a note of the interview information in your bag. If they emailed you these details, print it out and keep it as a backup. If for some reason you can’t access it on your phone, you’ll have the document to hand. Before the interview use this information to familiarise yourself with the interviewer’s name, the location and the time your interview will take place.

Evidence of past work

It’s always a good idea to be able to physically show the interviewer any previous accomplishments, projects or work you have completed. Whether this is through a portfolio or results documentation, it can really legitimise what you’re saying. Whilst also allowing the interviewer to physically see your potential in the new role.

Knowledge and enthusiasm

As cheesy as it sounds, it’s a key main ingredient in helping secure a job offer. Being knowledgeable about the role and company in itself shows enthusiasm and genuine interest that’s hard to fake.


What to leave at home:

Your lunch

It’s not necessary to bring your lunch to an interview. Usually, an interview will last no longer than an hour so you can always eat your lunch before or after you go. Unless it’s an all-day event (such as an assessment day) then for this instance bringing a lunch is completely fine.

Mobile phone

Ok maybe leaving your phone at home is a little extreme… but what we do recommend is putting your phone in your bag or pocket and placing it on silent. It’s a definite no-no putting your phone on the table and constantly glancing at it when you receive a message. But nothing screams rude more than feeling tempted to answer a call in an interview.


Unless told otherwise, there is no need to bring references with you to an interview. Usually, the interviewer will have already checked these beforehand or will ask for them later on in the hiring process.


Have you had to travel far to attend the interview and needed a place to stay beforehand? Well if so, make sure you don’t bring your suitcase to the interview. It can be distracting and it’s best left either at the hotel or in a safe place until you can fetch it back later.

A friend

Leave your friends or family members at home! The interview is your time to shine and you want to prove you’re independent and capable to tackle the new job role all on your own.

A bad attitude

This may be a little extreme, but the attitude you portray is how the interviewer will perceive you. So make it a positive one. It’s important to be likeable in the interview and a bad attitude won’t do you any favours. After all the hiring manager is subconsciously making a decision whether your personality is right for the role, so make a good impression.


And that’s it! What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs

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