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What Happens In A Second Interview?

Congrats you’ve landed yourself a second interview! But what exactly happens in a second interview and how can you prepare for it? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered…

Things will be different

Walking into the second interview expecting it to be like the first one is a big mistake. You might have thought you got on really well with the interviewer the first time around and you were looking forward to them interviewing you again. However it’s likely they won’t be there and instead, a different hiring manager(s) or a more senior employee could be asking the questions instead. Often employers also choose to have someone from within the department you are applying for to also attend the interview. Which can act as an invaluable input in determining your fit within the potential new team.

Remember even the interview room could be different to your first experience, so don’t let this throw you off!

More in-depth

In comparison to your first initial interview, the questions you will be asked in your second interview will be much more in-depth and scenario-based. Instead of saying what you have done, the interviewer will want to know how and why you did something. To draw upon your past experience, you could use the STAR interview technique and discuss the situation, task, action and result when answering a question. By using this method it helps you design an answer that’s covered all areas of interest that the interviewer is looking for.

Be specific

In your second interview when asked questions such as, ‘what can you bring to this role?’ & ‘why should we hire you?’ Regurgitating your past answers may seem obvious and generic. Instead, you’ll need to be WAY more specific and detailed about the logistics. So when using an example, explain why something worked and was successful. How it was successful and what results did you gain to prove this? Being specific can help the interviewer understand your work style and the capabilities you have to transfer these skills into the new role.

Don’t expect to be finished in half an hour

It’s likely this will not be a short interview. The questions and your answers will be in more depth, there may be more people interviewing you (such as a panel interview) and you may even meet the team — so don’t expect to finish early! Give yourself plenty of time and if asked about a tour around your potential new work environment, don’t turn it down because you’re short of time. Stick around and impress the interviewer by showing you’re eager and excited to absorb as much information as possible about the company and role.

You’ll talk money

What are your salary expectations? (we’ve already covered this popular interview question here). Make sure before you step into the interview room you have a good idea of the numbers.

You may have already talked about this in the first interview (to make sure you’re both on the same page) but if asked again in the second interview be prepared to answer and negotiate it in more detail to ensure your requirements are met.


So for all those who have a second interview, good luck! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs.

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