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How To Answer: “What Do You Want To Do After University?”

“What do you want to do after university?”

…”erm get a job?”

Doesn’t that seem like the obvious answer!? But unfortunately, it’s not that simple. We’re here to help and have advice on how to answer this popular interview question professionally. We’ve even included a couple of example answer to help you maximise your job chances.

Why are you being asked this?

If you have recently left university and have limited work experience the hiring manager will be curious to hear where you see your future self. It can often feel like they’re trying to catch you out. But if you’re prepared you can find the best possible answer to this often confusing question. To achieve this make sure you answer with certainty. Be 100% sure that the job you are interviewing for is where you wish to start your career. If you fail to do this or have doubts about the role, the hiring manager will easily detect this and might then be reluctant to offer you the position.

How to answer

Often your first job after university is an opportunity to ‘get your foot in the door’ and start forming the foundation of your career. Therefore your answer will need to focus on this premise.

For example, often entry-level roles offer a level of support and the opportunity of continued learning, which can help you progress from student to professional. This can be a perfectly valid reason when discussing your plans for after university. Explain you are eager to start work but appreciate the help the potential role could offer you to ensure you make a smooth transition into the working world.

1) Example answer

Did you choose your course at university because you were certain of your career from the start? If so the example answer below is right for you!

“Even before I started university I knew that a career within IT was something I wanted to do and is the primary reason as to why I chose a course in computer science. My course provided me with valuable skills that I hope to utilise within this role. I learnt new skills and developed on existing ones which I now hope to utilise within this new role. For me, I didn’t really dread the ‘what do you want to do after university question’ because I always had a clear idea of where I saw my future self.”

2) Example answer for the unsure candidate

Are you currently unsure about where your university degree can take you career-wise? If so, this example answer will help you out…

“My ultimate aim is to work within a marketing-based role and whilst my degree isn’t marketing focused, I don’t believe this should hold me back. I have gained work experience through working within a digital and social agency where I got a real hands-on experience of what to expect from my chosen career choice. It was then, that I realised this is what I want to be doing and felt genuinely excited about my future career.”

Good luck with your next interview! Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs

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