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Top 5 Signs You’ve Hired The Right Candidate

By Amy @BubbleJobs

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog on the top 10 signs you’ve hired the wrong candidate and it received a great reaction – so today I thought I’d flip the subject around and look at it from a positive perspective. Why? Because while it’s important to know what to look out for in a bad employee, it’s just as important to know what to look out for in a good employee – particularly in those all important first weeks.

With that in mind; here are the top five positive signs that you need to look for in a new employee in their probation period. If they exhibit the majority or all of these signs, I’d say they’re probably worth hanging on to!

1. Meeting and Exceeding Expectations:

It might sound a bit silly to say that if an employee meets your expectations then they’re a good fit, but it’s true. As an employer, particularly if it’s a small business, you’ll probably have really high expectations of what you want from a new employee so if they can step up and meet those expectations in the first week or so, chances are they’re doing a great job. The best thing? If your new employee not only meets your expectations but exceeds them altogether. Why? Because it shows they’re talented, committed and ultimately have the right skills and knowledge for your business.

2. ‘Mucking In’ and Helping Other Members Of The Team:

Another positive sign to watch out for is if your new employee really gets down to work and gets involved in projects, even if it’s not in their job description or part of their immediate remit. This shows they’re a real team player (something which everyone claims to be on their CV!) – and shows they’re willing to ‘muck in’ and do what’s required for the business. OK, so new employees will probably try a bit harder to impress in their first couple of weeks but it’s definitely still a good sign!

3. Arriving Early/Staying Late: 

A major clue that your new employee is trying to impress you is if they arrive early and stay late on numerous occasions in the first couple of weeks. Yes, this might be typical ‘suck-up’ behaviour from a new employee – but it does suggest they’re serious about the role and committed to the business overall.

4. Making Visible Improvements Within The First Few Weeks:

Another thing to look out for is if your new employee makes clear progression and improvements with key tasks in their first couple of weeks – this could be something as simple as getting their head around your CMS platform or something more complex such as understanding your database. Improvements show your new employee is listening to advice and feedback which has been given and putting it into action – and they also show your new employee is keen to progress.

5. Making Viable Suggestions To Benefit/Improve The Business Overall:

The last thing you need to be on the lookout for is if your new employee makes viable suggests on how to improve the business or practices within it. Why? Because it shows they can bring real value to the business and suggests they’re keen on making the business as successful as possible – which is something all your employees should be keen to achieve.

So there you go; five simple things which suggest your new employee is indeed the right fit for your business. Think I’ve missed something off or don’t agree with any of my points? Leave me a comment below.

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