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10 Top Tips for Companies Using Social Media

We live in an age where social media plays some kind of part in most peoples lives (especially millennials). So for your business to stay on top, its important you utilise social media platforms effectively. We have come up with 10 tips on how to do this:

  1. Keep your audience interested

The number one reason why people will unfollow you is because the content you are posting is either irrelevant to them or ‘boring’. Avoid this by keeping it light-hearted creating small captions of text that are straight to the point. Usually people have a shorter attention span when it comes to scrolling through social media.

  1. Create engaging content

Dependent on who your company are, try to keep your social media posts fun and interesting. Do this by creating posts that will encourage your audience to click on them or ‘like’. Posting too much sales spiel might put off your audience, we recommend finding a good balance between promotional posts, industry-related articles and filling your page with memes. 

  1. Provide an insight

Content storytelling allows your audience to see who your company are.  A great way to do this is through posting on Instagram. Capture snapshots of your work environment and employees during their day to day duties. Recruitment agencies usually do this very well, giving a personal insight into their company through photographing staff members and things general happenings around the office.

  1. Different content for different platforms

Attempt to create different content for each platform. This is to cater to the different audiences you have on each social media page. It will keep people interested and encourage them to follow or like you on multiple platforms rather than just one.

  1. Post relevant content 

This tip is pretty self explanatory but here’s a reminder – if your company is in the digital sector reposting industry tech news will show your audience you are interested and ahead of the game within your industry.

  1. Treat your audience like your friends

Don’t post like a robot, keep it friendly and personable. Its also important to reply quickly, people want responses instantly, so don’t leave them waiting!

  1. Use hashtags

By this we don’t mean just listing lots of hashtags at the end of an Instagram or Twitter post. But also including posts once a week for popular hashtags #MondayMotivation or #WeeklyWisdom.

  1. Follow!

If your company is just starting off building its social media presence, follow lots of of accounts relevant to your sector. It is more than likely they will follow you back and your profile will start to grow.

  1. Find the most effective platform

Dependent on your company some social media platforms may not work for you. Such as YouTube may not be the most effective approach for everyone. But it is useful for organisations who can spare the time to create engaging video content.

  1. Build a relationship

Social media is very powerful in creating relationships with customers you didn’t even know you could reach. Through its ability to engage with people from all over the world.

So remember to keep up with the evolving digital consumer, a strong social media presence is important to establish your brand and help you stay ahead of competition.


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