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Top 10 Job Interview Advice Blogs

By Amy @BubbleJobs

When it comes to preparing for a job interview, it’s fair to say that there’s a fair bit of advice out there (a quick Google search for ‘Job Interview Advice’ returns well over 41 million results!) – so it can be hard to know where to start.

With that in mind, we thought we’d try and simplify the process for you so we’ve put a list together of the top 10 most-read blogs that we’ve published on the Bubble Jobs Blog over the last couple of years. Can’t find the blog that you’re looking for in this list? You can probably find it in our ‘Interview Advice’ section.

1. 10 Signs Your Job Interview Went Well

If you’re one of those people who gets back from a job interview and sits there re-running the interview back through your head trying to work out how it went, this is the blog for you. From your interview running over to being introduced to the rest of the team, these are all great signs that the interviewer likes you and is seriously considering offering you the position. Read this blog to find out what the rest of the key signs are.

2.”What Attracted You To This Job?”

Out of all of our job interview question blogs, the old ‘What Attracted You To This Job?’ post was definitely the most popular. Now, regardless of what kind of company you’re being interviewed for, this question is pretty much bound to crop up. From mentioning good and bad bits of the job to being 100% honest, this blog covers our top tips on how best to answer this common interview question.

3. 5 Tips To Help You Master A Second Job Interview

Think you only have one job interview to worry about? Think again! A lot of companies employ a two-step job interview process to ensure they get the right candidate – and more often than not, the second interview can be much more intense than the first. From setting the record straight to speaking up, there are a few ways you can master your second interview. Check out the rest of our tips here.

4. How To Prepare For An Informal Interview

Applied for a job and been invited in for a ‘coffee and a chat’? You’ve actually been invited in for an informal interview – and just like any other interview, it’s important to be prepared. Check out this blog to check out our top preparation tips for an informal job interview.

5. “What Sets You Apart From Other Candidates?”

Another common question that crops up in a lot of interviews is ‘What Sets You Apart From Other Candidates?’. This one is obviously tricky because you don’t know who the other candidates are and what their strengths/skills are. That said; the best approach for this kind of question is to focus on your individual strengths and the experiences that make you unique as a candidate. Check out this blog for the rest of our top tips on how to answer this question.

6. Dress To Impress: How To Master The ‘Casual’ Job Interview

Been invited in for an interview at a trendy digital agency where there’s no set dress code and everyone comes in wearing whatever they want and now panicking about what to wear? We’re here to help! In this blog we talk you through what you should and shouldn’t wear to a casual job interview like this.

7. Internal Interviews: What To Do If You Don’t Get The Job/Promotion

Internal interviews (ie. applying for another job/promotion at the company you already work for) can be really tricky – and it gets a lot of trickier if you get the bad news that you didn’t get the job/promotion you were interviewing for. From staying professional to gathering feedback, we talk you through our top tips on how to deal with this kind of situation in this blog.

8. 5 Signs Your Interview Didn’t Go Well

Think you only need to be on the lookout for positive signs during your job interview? Think again! From a distracted interviewer to repeated mentions of other candidates, there are a number of signs that can crop in an interview which suggest it’s not going that well. Check out this blog for the full list of the signs you need to watch out for.

9. “What Is Your Dream Job?”

Although the ‘What Is Your Dream Job?’ question isn’t all that common, it does crop up so it’s important to be prepared – especially because this one can be extremely hard to think of an answer for on the spot. Check out this blog for our top tips on how best to answer this question.

10. “Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now?”

Not thought much about your future career? You need to – because you’ll probably be quizzed about it in your next job interview. In this blog we talk through our top tips on how best to answer this question, including being honest and trying to work the job you’re applying for into your plans for the future.


So there we go; our most-read job interview advice blogs from the last couple of years. Can’t see the blog you’re looking for in our ‘Interview Advice’ section? Leave us a comment and we’ll try and cover it in the future.


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    The job interview questions are very familiar to anyone who has go thru it. This is really helpful for first-timer’s as well. If you can familiarize yourself and give the interviewer the best answer you have, you will surely impress them.

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    Job Interview Questions you can prepare but the real experience is when you face it and the way you reply to the questions. Your Attitude and other factors also take role in this and all you have to do is just carry those questions in timely manners with great attitude.

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    Good advice, thanks for sharing.

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