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The Importance Of Diversity In The Workplace

It’s very important to address issues of diversity in your workplace!

Firstly, we should embrace equality and how far we have come in recent years. Secondly, no one wants to work for a small minded company. Most importantly, talent and skills should be the focus of recruitment.

Brand Reputation

Although you may feel that your brand has ‘the power’ and that everyone wants to work for you, you’re wrong. With such a strong desire for equality many people would prefer to work for a brand with a diverse group of employees than none.

Even though women have come so far for themselves in recent years, to some it may be particularly daunting applying to work somewhere with few or no women.

Companies are reviewed all over the web nowadays – Glassdoor, Google, Indeed and more! Even a simple tweet can ruin your reputation. That’s why it’s so important to be fair and open minded in your recruitment process. Eliminate your traditional patriarchal approaches to recruitment and introduce new ways!

Brand Ethics

In order to celebrate diversity and to make sure all of your employees do too, it’s beneficial to express strong brand ethics. Your recruitment team should be strong supporters of diversity.  Your staff should all be accepting of all individual differences and lifestyles choices (and if they aren’t, get rid!)

By removing the discriminative individuals from your workplace, you’ll build a strong team who respect each other. The overall office atmosphere will be welcoming and positive, having a knock on affect with the work that’s produced.

New Employees

Picture yourself attending an interview, the office atmosphere is negative and noticeably awkward and no one looks like they want to be there. The manager labels who his favourite employees are and asks you the most personal irrelevant questions. NIGHTMARE!

Alternatively, you walk into a happy office. You are welcomed in by smiling employees. You see a mixture of individuals, all looking particularly comfortable and the overall feel of the office is homely and tension-free. Which would you prefer?

It’ll be considerably better for someone to speak about your company and how they didn’t get the job but they’re still keen to work for you.  Rather than, celebrating that they didn’t get it or even rejecting your offer based on their experience. 

Address Every Aspect Of Discrimination

Now, don’t just think it’s about a fair female to male ratio. There’s so many aspects of diversity that you NEED to address – age, sexuality, ethnicity, religious views, broader gender differences, disabilities and more. The key is to give everyone a chance – regardless of what they look like, where they are from, how old they are or any of their lifestyle choices.

Remember, it’s not just about first impressions and interviews, it’s about being consistent in your approach to diversity. Make sure you address any issues that arise in the workplace and always promote your strong passion for equality! 

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