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The Evolving Role Of The Modern Recruiter

How has the role of the recruiter changed in recent years? Is it for the better? Or has recruitment become less candidate focused and more data-driven?

We discuss four possible reasons as to why the recruiter’s role is changing and why it’s important the hiring professional is knowledgeable of these changes.

Social Media influence

Social Media plays a significant role in changing the way we recruit in 2018. The power to advertise a role, source candidates and promote employer brand can all be completed through social channels. Candidates look towards sites such as LinkedIn to find relevant job vacancies and company information. Recruiters have taken advantage of this and can connect with candidates directly and put a face to the name (so to speak!) to ensure effective communication.

Employer brand

A company’s online presence plays a crucial part in building an employer brand, something which wasn’t possible over 20 years ago. Traditionally recruitment agencies would rely on word of mouth for company reviews which could either help or hinder their brand reputation. A recruitment company’s brand is paramount in attracting clients, candidates and even potential employees to their business. Job seekers can easily express their opinions on recruitment professionals and their positive or negative experiences at the click of a button. Through sites such as Glassdoor, Facebook and Twitter, this can be completed in almost an instant. With the potential to have a larger reach than traditional review methods, the modern recruiter needs to be aware of how a negative experience can escalate online and jeopardize the companies brand reputation. Find out more here.

Data-driven decisions

Hiring technology now allows recruiters to make more efficient and effective decisions. In a much shorter space of time than manual methods ever allowed. The decision to hire a candidate can be ‘sped’ up during the initial candidate screening process. Automation allows for a fast pre-screen on all applicants a job role may receive. Providing results that are unbiased and fair to all those who applied. The recruiter will no longer spend hours out of their busy day/week reading CVs and instead have more time to focus on the communicational side of their profession. With the hopes to make higher quality hires and ensure the right candidate gets the job.

Candidates are more than their CV

The culture fit between candidate and company has become an increasingly important factor when making hiring decisions. Recruiters now have to look beyond the basic CV. This is to ensure a candidate is a good match for a company culturally and not just right ‘on paper’. Lots of candidates can have the same desired skill set and experience for a job role but do their work styles, values and personality align with the potential employers? If it does, it could result in an employee who enjoys their job role and the new workplace. Causing higher employee retention rates and a potentially more productive workforce.

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