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The 5 Best Things You Can Do In An Interview

Do you have an upcoming interview? Here are the 5 best things you can do to help secure a potential new role!

1. Be prepared

This is the most important thing you can do before any interview. Attempting to ‘wing it’ will most likely end in disaster. As soon as you are aware of your interview date, start researching the company to ensure you know everything about the potential employer. By doing this you can then incorporate the companies values and beliefs within your answers – to really impress the interviewer. Another simple method is to re-read over the job ad and look closely at the job description and desired requirements. Then use this to your advantage in the interview by mentioning examples of when you previously undertook the job requirements to demonstrate your capability.

2. Be Confident

Exerting confidence will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are the best candidate for this position. If you appear unsure and lack assurance the hiring manager will also pick up on this and question your ability. A great way to feel confident before an interview is to make sure you’re well prepared. Not only will this help put your nerves at ease but it also has the potential to enable the interviewer to see your passion and interest for the role rather than letting the interview jitters take over your answers.

However, it is essential you find the fine line between confidence and arrogance. Appearing arrogant can ruin your job chances and could make the interviewer take a disliking to you!

3. Demonstrate passion and interest

An interviewer can tell if you have a genuine interest and passion for the job you are applying for. So it’s best you show enthusiasm when answering the questions. Otherwise, the interviewer may favor a candidate who demonstrates more of an eagerness to start the potential new role. An effective way to achieve this is by researching all there is to know about the company and industry as a whole. By showcasing your industry insight knowledge it will demonstrate that is simply not just a job for you. But instead, you spend your free time outside of work, staying up-to-date researching current trends because it is something you enjoy to do.

4. Build a rapport

Developing a flow of conversation and actually ‘getting along’ with the interviewer is key to your interview success. You can encourage this by treating the interview as more of a discussion rather than an interrogation. Which will only result in more built up nerves, resulting in the hiring manager not getting to know the real you. Try to find common ground with the interviewer and use this to your advantage. Such as if you notice you have something in common, mention this is conversation post-interview to end the interview on a light friendly note.

Although be careful to not get overly friendly and pushing the boundary between interviewer and interviewee. Having a joke with the interviewer is fine after the interview but doing this throughout the process, will look unprofessional and can cause a distraction from your answers.

5. Ask the right questions

At the end of the interview comes your time to really shine! Therefore prior to your interview ensure you have a plan of questions you want to ask. Such as, “what can I expect in my first week working here?” or “can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this role?” It is important you ask the right questions because you want to leave a good lasting impression. Asking generic questions such as “when is the start date?” is not memorable enough and will only encourage short answers. Whereas if you ask a question that will prompt a longer answer, the interview will feel more conversational and interesting to the interviewer.


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  1. TA Tips

    Very useful tips indeed. I think #2 is the most important because most people let nerves take over and overshadow their confidence. You have to be positive at interviews and let your confidence and personality shine through.

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