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Do You Tell The Interviewer You’ve Had Other Interviews?

Do you tell the interviewer you’ve had other interviews? The dreaded thought you have right before you step into the interview room. If you tell them you have, will they terminate the interview? If you tell them you haven’t does this make you look like an undesirable candidate for other companies? We discuss how you can tailor an answer to make sure it’s well thought-out and reflects you in the best possible light.

If you tell them yes…

Yes you have had more than one interview… and yes you have applied to other jobs – this is normal isn’t it? Chances are most candidates will apply for more than one job at one time Its simple probability, you’re hedging your bets and looking to secure a couple of interviews (plus its always nice to have a backup!).

However, if you admit the truth, you can run the risk of demonstrating a lack of commitment to the role you are interviewing for. Be cautious when doing this and don’t reveal too much information. Especially if the job was with a competitor! A simple yes, with a brief explanation as to when it was and the outcome is sufficient. You can also state (for safeguarding purposes) that when you attended the interview you didn’t feel the role or company was right for you. Therefore after the interview, you applied for this new role and see it as a much better match. Remember don’t be caught out and go into too much detail by being too honest.

Example answer if you have had other interviews:

“Well yes, when I began my job search I submitted another application to a different organisation in addition to this one. However, after attending the interview, the job role was slightly different than I expected. As well as the company and work environment, I felt it wasn’t right for me so after that I applied for this role. Which I am now so happy I did because I believe this role is better suited towards my skills and experience.”

If you tell them no…

However, sometimes you might feel the safest bet is to just say no. No, you haven’t interviewed elsewhere and yes this is the only job you have applied for. Will the interviewer believe you? Well unless they have evidence to prove otherwise I wouldn’t worry. However, in some cases, it really is true! You have only attended one job interview and that’s completely fine to admit.

Example answer if you haven’t or you choose to not mention other interviews:

“Whilst yes I have looked for other jobs, nothing has really caught my eye enough for me to want to apply. Until obviously I saw this role! I prefer to wait until something good comes along instead of applying for lots of jobs I don’t particularly want. And fortunately, as I am currently employed I am lucky enough to be selective with the jobs I apply for.”

There you have it, that’s all we have for this interview question! However, if you want to know the answers to any other questions you can find them here.

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