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How To Tell If The Company Is Right For You Before You Say ‘Yes’

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

When you’ve been applying for job after job with little luck it can be very easy to snap up the first offer that’s presented to you. It’s a job and you get paid – what’s not to like?

Well you might want to hold your horses for now – every company works differently and has a different culture – Sso your job is to work out whether you’ll fit into that culture. It can be difficult to work out exactly how a company works from an interview or the internet – however there are some sure fire signs  to look out for that shows a company is the right fit for you.

1) Do Your Research Before You Even Apply

The internet is a wonderful thing and there are some websites out there that help you to find out employees’ opinions of the company. If you have a look at websites such as Glassdoor you can find out the in-depth details, like whether the company is pushy or whether they’re supportive. So it’s definitely worth a look – especially if you’re looking to work for a larger company.

If the company isn’t on Glassdoor you can still tell a lot about a company from their website – how do they describe themselves in the “About Us” section? It could be that they’re a “fast paced team” or they could be a “close knit group – that work together”. You can tell a lot just from the website so have a proper look and think about whether you would fit in well.

2) Do You Get On With Your Potential Boss?

It’s very likely that your boss will be interviewing you – and you’ll probably be able to suss out whether you’re going to get on with them or not straight away. This is a really important aspect because you’re probably going to be working with them a lot over your time at the company so you need to be sure that there’s going to be no tears or tantrums between you both.

You also need to be sure that your boss is going to be a positive influence over you. In the interview, did they really convince you about the company and make you genuinely excited about the prospect of working there?  All of these things are really important to consider when making sure the job is right for you.

3) Ask About Their Busy Times In The Year

This sounds a bit silly but you can probably find out a company’s true colours during their busy periods. Some companies have peak times where they’re extremely busy and stressed to say the least – so they need to have the right procedures in place to make sure the team work together.

By asking about their busy periods, you can get an insight into the company and how the teams work together when under pressure. It’s also quite a good question to ask at the end of an interview – it shows you’ve actually put some thought into it – rather than just choosing any question you can possibly think of. Worried you might ask the wrong questions? Have a look at what not to ask at your interview!

4) Have A Look At The Social Media Page

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you might get a bit of an insight into what the company’s like by having a nosey. You might see that they’ve gone for drinks on a Friday after work or, like Bubble, they have a Bake Off day. These can all be brilliant ways of working out whether you’d get on with the team well – for instance if you love cake you’ll fit in right away in the Bubble office!

5) Ask Out Right About The Cultural Fit

There’s no shame in asking out right about the company culture – you can see exactly how your interviewer responds to the question. It’s inevitable that they’re going to blow their own trumpet but it’s still a good thing to ask. Try and ask a few people what it’s like working there – the more people you ask, the clearer the picture you’ll get.

So there you go – there are loads of different ways you can tell if the company is right for you – so make sure you consider these before you say ‘yes’ to the job.


  1. Teresa BURRILL

    How can I find the right company that required accounting experiences? But this accounting experiences is my main problem, I graduated from Community College for accounting clerk and bookkeeping certificates past 15 years ago and have no accounting experiences. I need to learn in training to get more experience but it is not easy. I have lot of experiences in data entry, filing, little Excel, Word, and scanning over 20 years. Knowledge that company preferred not to train new employees. I am very good in training. And I appreciate your help for this kind of question. Thank you.

    1. Scarlett Wilson

      We are a jobs board that specialises in digital – but there are plenty of accounting job boards out there, like this one: Good luck in your future job search!

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