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So You Didn’t Get The Job, Now What?

So you didn’t get the job, now what? You feel disheartened and frustrated, you had your heart set on the role but it just wasn’t meant to be.

We all know how this feels, it can be demotivating and the thought of starting the job hunt over can be quite overwhelming.

But we’re here to help, follow these four steps, pick yourself back up again and you’ll have a new job in no time.

What to do when you don’t get the job…

Don’t give up

Obvious but true. Feeling this way is completely normal and disappointment can make you hesitant to start looking for a job again. But you have to remain hopeful and believe that a potential new opportunity (which could be even better than the first one!) will come along and be right for you.

Just look at it this way, you did well to make it as far as the interview. Lots of other candidates who applied for the job didn’t get past the first screening process but you did! So that is something to feel proud of.

Ask for feedback

Make sure you always ask for feedback. Even if you don’t want to hear what they have to say, it’s important to understand their opinion and justification for not getting the job. They may provide you with some critical feedback that could really help you when applying for your next job or attending a future interview.

Don’t be afraid to send an honest (but polite!) email, if you have questions ask them! Good example questions to include could be:

“Is there any aspects of my interview style, you feel I could work on?”

“What areas do you think I need to improve on to increase my employability?”

Revisit your interview technique

If you’re unclear on why you didn’t get the job, you have the right experience and skills but still no luck! Then it might be a good idea to revisit your interview technique. Before your next potential job interview brush up on your answers to possible interview questions (we have lots of examples here!) and this will help you feel more prepared and confident for your next interview. If you feel happy with your answers, practice an interview scenario with friends or family and get them to ask you any questions they can think of. You’d be surprised how being put on the spot can help you improve your practice answers. They may even give you some valuable tips!

Accept it

Maybe the job role you thought you really wanted wasn’t in fact right for you and that’s ok. If you can accept that, you can learn to move on from the rejection and start looking for a job that is really suited to your work style, skills and experience. Looking at it this way will help you welcome the fact that you didn’t get the job but there are still plenty of other exciting opportunities out there, so don’t give up!

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  1. You Deserve a Job

    This is a very good article that encourages job seekers to continue besides being rejected for a position. Thanks for sharing!

  2. All of your tips are the best one and I am sure that following all these, I can easily become able to get the job. Since lot of hard work in finding job, these guidelines will be the best one for me.

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