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Should you go to an Interview if you don’t want the Job?

You may have applied for multiple jobs at once or you might have already had a job offer that you are almost certain you’re going to accept. That’s when you receive an email from a different application… inviting you to an interview. If you fall under the category of being unsure and undecided on whether to attend an interview, consider these options before you make your decision:


Practice makes perfect! Although this sounds clich√© its completely true! You may not want the job but you will always need interview experience. If you are someone with limited interview experience who has just graduated from university, attending all interview invitations is essential. You will gain a greater understanding of the whole process and get use to the type of questions you will be asked. Or if you are someone who has been in the same position for several years, interview techniques may have changed since your last interview. There will be interview questions you have not heard before or they may be not what you expected. Therefore, in these cases choosing to attend multiple interviews can help to improve your interview technique.

You may be surprised with the company and potential role! Attending the interview will give you a better idea about who the company are, who works there and the job role. It also gives you a chance to discuss the job requirements in further detail. What you may have dismissed in the job description could be described differently in person. It also gives you the chance to express what your strengths are, to which the interviewer will gain a greater understanding as to whether the role is right for you.

You are putting yourself in a good position. For a job seeker, having options is great. Successfully obtaining multiple job offers, gives you opportunity to choose the role which you think will best suit you. By choosing not to attend the interview you are not opening yourself up to potential different roles.


By attending an interview it does not necessarily mean you’ll get the job. But if you attend with an open mind, you can learn new things and gain a better grasp of the job area and the potential opportunity.

… and if you are rejected, it’s no loss to you!


If you chose to dismiss a job opportunity before you have even had the interview you are limiting your options. Even if you felt the job description didn’t impress you or you were unsure about the company. It is always worth your while attending the interview to find out for yourself in person. Your perception of the company could completely change when you meet the interviewer and other members of the team.

You are missing out on learning new things! At the end of an interview you get the opportunity to ask questions. If you attended you could utilise this to gain a better understanding of how their company works. Or even gain further insight into your chosen sector of work, which is particularly beneficial for graduates!

Of course, if you are really set against attending an interview it’s probably best you decline politely. If you are not open to different options or interested in building your interview skills or have no interest in the job role. You would probably be best staying at home and avoid wasting their time and yours!

Remember to be realistic when accepting multiple interview offers and attempting to attend them all. If you are already in full time work this can be difficult finding the time off, its also not practical for you to try and fit in 5 interviews a week! You also don’t want to stretch yourself too far and forget which job your interviewing for!

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