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Recruiters Why It’s Time To Embrace Technology

Instead of fearing technology, it’s time to embrace it.

Technology is taking over and replacing the role of the recruiter. Not necessarily true. Whilst press and media coverage like to emphasise the impact of technology on today’s current workforce. Not always does the hiring professional need to fear AI and automation replacing their jobs.

Instead, technological assistance within a recruitment strategy can help manage a heavy workload and a recruiter’s busy schedule.

Hiring technology is diverse and covers a wide range of services and tools that provide time-saving initiatives. Down to an Applicant tracking system (ATS), allowing employers and agencies to manage candidates, post job openings as well as keep track of the hiring process. To chatbots, video interviews and automated candidate screening. To more advanced systems using algorithms and machine learning to find the best possible talent.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s a good idea recruiters learn to embrace technology rather than fear it:

It’s a time-saver

Technology saves time. Down to sourcing, screening and placing candidates, tech can simplify these tasks and speed up the recruitment process as a whole. For example, the average job opening will receive 250 CVs, which will consequently lead to a recruiter spending around 10 seconds deciding whether or not the candidate should progress further.

Whereas if this stage is automated, candidate screening can be completed in minutes rather than hours. Saving time means recruiters and employers have more time to concentrate on the people side of their profession. Human engagement, communication and guidance throughout the hiring process are key to promoting retention and a positive candidate experience.

Remove possible bias

In layman’s terms, bias is an inclination towards one person or another. In order to provide equal opportunities for candidates, employers must make a conscious effort to remove all possible prejudice including unconscious bias. Whilst this is difficult to guarantee, recruitment technology can help build a consistent and bias-free hiring strategy.

Tech solutions will enable agencies and employers to consider CVs that match the job description. Based on factors such as skills, experience and previous job titles. To determine the best fit for a new potential role. Therefore reducing the risk of bias, as all other irrelevant factors will not be considered.

Reduce overall cost

Ultimately any type of recruitment and hiring technology will cost money. But in the long-term, investing in these innovative methods will be financially beneficial. Less time will be spent on executing these processes manually, allowing recruiters to add value to other aspects of their roles.

Technology can streamline hiring, to ensure efficiency by cutting out any unnecessary steps that could be slowing down the time it takes to hire. A slow hiring process runs the risk of candidate dropout, low productivity and overall financial strains.

A recruiters role will not be replaced by technology. Instead, it can assist in effectively managing hiring processes to add value rather than remove human input altogether.

What are your thoughts on the recruitment and technology debate? We’d love to know! Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs.

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