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Why A Postgraduate Degree Could Help You Bag A Digital Job

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

Once you’ve finished your undergraduate degree it can be pretty difficult to decide what you actually want to do next. A lot of people tend to start rushing around applying for every digital job they can get theirs hands on – but getting a job isn’t your only option.

Obviously there’ll come a time where you’ll have to join the real world (scary I know), but a postgraduate degree can be a handy thing to have when you’re looking for a digital job. We’re not saying you have to get a postgraduate degree to get a job in digital by any stretch of the imagination – but in some cases it can help you stand out from the crowd – so we’ve come up with some reasons why a postgraduate degree could help you bag a digital job.

You Gain Specialist Knowledge

A postgrad degree tends to focus on a specific skill, meaning that you essentially become an expert in that field. There are loads of post grad courses available to you, each differing depending on what career path you want to go down. You can go down the softer skills route like digital marketing or you could go for something like coding or computer science.
What you want to do is completely up to you, but you need to make sure that it will relate to your future career. The whole reason why a post grad degree is helpful is that you’ll have specialist knowledge in the job you’re going for – so think carefully about the course you choose.

You Gain Analytical Skills

Most postgraduate degrees require you to do some kind of research which involves statistics. Analytical skills can be very attractive to digital employers, because many digital roles require you to handle statistics on a daily basis whether you’re an SEO Manager or an analytics manager. So doing a postgraduate degree can really help if you want to stand out from the crowd in that respect.

You Have Proven That You Can Work Independently And Under Pressure

The digital industry is growing day by day, which means that new graduates need to hit the ground running to make a lasting impact. A postgraduate course requires you to work independently and use your own initiative; the work load is also pretty heavy so you need to create quality work without having a breakdown! A graduate with a postgraduate degree can be really attractive to potential digital employers because they need someone that can deal with a heavy work load and manage tasks effectively.

It Sets You Up For The Workplace

You might not believe me but when you start a postgrad course the relationship between you and the lecturers change. You’re almost seen as a fellow researcher when you make that transition, so you need to behave in a mature manner and work with your lecturer rather than for them.
A lot of digital jobs are client facing, so you need to be able to communicate in a professional manner. An employer doesn’t want some who could potentially damage their brand with an unprofessional manner, so a postgrad course could help you to advance those skills.

You Take Ownership Of Projects

Whatever digital career path you choose there’ll be an element of responsibility – and like I said before, the digital industry is a busy place at the moment, so many companies are taking on lots of new and exciting opportunities. If you can prove that you’ve taken ownership of your research project at a postgraduate level, then that can look really attractive on a CV for a potential digital employer.

So there we go, five reasons why a postgrad degree could help you bag a digital job. If you’re interested in taking a digital postgraduate degree then have a look at our list of universities and courses here!

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    I had just done my mba from univ of kent.canterbury and looking for a job.

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