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What Makes a Successful Recruiter?

Have you ever wondered what traits make a good recruiter? It can be a high pressured job with added stress from both clients and candidates. However, a recruiter with these qualities is on their way to success!

Strong communicator

Someone who can deal well with both the client and candidate will have a better chance at keeping both parties happy. Rather than someone who does not listen to a client’s job specification and in turn produces CVs that do not match the job description. Whereas listening to what the client wants will increase the recruiter’s chances in finding the perfect match.

Ability to build strong relationships

As a recruiter, you need to have the ability to build strong relationships with all sorts of people because, after all, you are in a ‘people’ business! Building a relationship with the candidate will allow candidates to put their trust in you that you are the right person to find them a job. If you’re rude or unprofessional over the phone, you create a negative impression on both the client and candidate.


You need the confidence to inform companies that you are the best recruitment agency to find matches for their job role. You also need to be confident in yourself that you can reach targets and make deals!


Expecting results immediately isn’t always realistic. Sometimes the job seeker will delay the interview process or may even choose not to attend! So getting frustrated and taking it out on them will do you no favours. Be patient and attempt to reschedule the interview with the hopes that they’ll attend next time!

Multitasks well

Being able to multitask is an essential quality for a successful recruiter. Dealing with multiple jobs and candidates will be a daily task. So to ensure you remember everything, write it down! This will help you understand different company profiles, their needs and what sort of candidates they are seeking.

Strong customer service skills

As you are dealing with different people from all walks of life on a daily basis it is important you listen to them and provide them with excellent customer service. If a candidate misses one of your calls, don’t leave an angry voicemail… But instead be polite and friendly, this way they will be more likely to call you back!


Is there anything else you think that makes a great recruiter? Let us know in the comments below.

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