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LinkedIn Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts For New Graduates

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

Calling all graduates… Here at Bubble we think it’s time for a bit of a shakeup among the graduate and student world!

The truth is; throughout your time at uni Facebook and Twitter has become like a comfort blanket for you all – and we know you might not want to hear it but if you’re searching for a job, LinkedIn is the social media platform you need to be on now.

The good news is; getting yourself on LinkedIn is really not as scary as you think! The bad news is; LinkedIn is a world away from your Facebook friends and Twitter connections – so the normal rules of social media don’t apply.

Why? Because while some of your friends might be on LinkedIn, the platform is also full of recruiters and potential hiring managers that are looking at you from a professional perspective so your outrageous selfies on Facebook and Twitter need to be avoided at all costs!

With that in mind; we’ve put together a list of six LinkedIn Dos and Donts.

1) Don’t Think That This Is Like All Social Media Websites

Going back to what we were just saying, this is not Facebook and Twitter; this is essentially your online CV for recruiters and employers.

This means that they really don’t want to know what you had for lunch or if you had a fantastic holiday with your friends (or not so fantastic). LinkedIn is not your personal soapbox.

That said; don’t let your profile sit inactive – let the LinkedIn world know that your profile is alive and well, by posting relevant material on a weekly basis.

This is a professional network where recruiters and employers want to hear all about your work experience and what you have been doing to enhance yourself. So if you’ve been to a University Careers events for example; make sure you shout about it, especially if you’ve met an employer that you love!

They may see the post and be impressed that you are being pro-active with your job search. And what’s more, it might make them remember you and restart the conversation – which is really what it’s all about!

 2) Do Be Positive

It’s very easy to become a moaning myrtle on social media but don’t forget that you want to show prospective employers that you’re a positive person, that won’t annoy all their staff with your incessant winging!!

A massive DON’T is arguing, if you see a post you strongly disagree with, take a deep breath and float into your calm place before your fingers hit the keyboard. There’s nothing more off-putting than an employee that causes arguments; it creates chaos with the staff!

That said; if you do spot something you disagree with in a Group discussion, there’s nothing wrong with commenting back with a valid point – remember, that’s what LinkedIn Groups are there for!

3) Do Keep Your Profile Up To Date And Completed

So imagine this… an employer searches for candidates and finds that you have some past experience in the role that they’re looking for. Great… You’ve managed to get an employer on your profile!

But they then find that you haven’t completed your profile and there’s no list of your wonderful talents! A recruiter or employer will instantly be put off, so avoid this by making sure your profile is all up to date and you boast about your skills – otherwise they’ll have no clue about your abilities!

4) Don’t Make Spelling Mistakes

Again, if you’ve managed to get an employer or recruiter onto your profile, don’t make silly mistakes that may cost you a potential job! You don’t want them thinking that you have been a tad lazy when creating your profile (let’s try and beat the student stereotype!).

If you’re worried that your punctuation and spelling may not be up to scratch don’t get in a tizzy, write it up in Word and do a spell check at the end to make sure your profile is perfect – problem solved!

5) Do Imagine Your Are In The Real World

Would you meet an employer face to face and within half an hour ask them for a job? Hopefully not! Apply the same sort of rules to LinkedIn. Don’t instantly send a LinkedIn member a message about your love for the company and a potential job role. Try to take it slow!

Have a look at the member’s LinkedIn profile and find out what Groups they are part of you can then post within those Groups and create some kind of relationship with the employer. This way you can begin a discussion without coming across as too forward!

6) Do Make Sure You’re Picture Perfect

This is a professional social networking site not a dating site, so why would you need to make sure your picture is anything special? The answer is… recruiters and employers want to see your smiley and approachable face but they don’t want to see you having a whale of a time in fresher’s week!

So get your friends or family to take a picture of you on your own, looking cheerful (no matter how much you hate having your picture taken), to avoid any picture faux pas. We’ve even got a blog on the top 10 LinkedIn pictures you need to avoid!

Right well there you go; Bubble Jobs Dos and Don’ts in the LinkedIn world! Follow these simple steps and be sure to have a perfect profile presence.

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