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How To Write A Standout CV Skills Section

How To Create Standout Skills


CV skills are not just about including the usual cliche abilities. You may be a great team player, with exceptional organisational and communicational skills but these aren’t strong enough examples to get your CV noticed.

A recruiter and hiring manager will scan a job application hunting for; experience, roles and of course skills. Making your skillfulness one of the most important sections on a CV.

They express your expertise, capability and ability to match the potential role you are applying for. So how exactly do you write a CV skills section? We have some examples…

Soft skills

Soft skills are qualities that are adaptable to any role. These transferable skills can be tailored towards different jobs you apply for. But as we mentioned previously this isn’t enough to create standout skills. Instead, it’s more effective to include examples and points that validate what you’re saying is actually true.


  • During my time as a customer service executive it was essential I communicated effectively with clients in order to resolve any potential issues, professionally and effectively.
  • In my previous position communication was key in delivering reports to inform managers and board directors of the results I had determined.


  • Experience as a team leader provided me with the skills to manage, listen and work with my co-workers to ensure an end goal was met.


  • Whilst my previous team leader position required a level of authority I also implemented a guided approach to managing my team. Steering coworkers in the right direction and working alongside them.

Ability to work under pressure

  • In my role as a Sales Manager, I would often work under pressure to meet targets and client expectations. I became more efficient in my managing my workload and workday to ensure I kept up with the job requirements.

General role facing skills

It is also beneficial to include some more ‘general’ focused skills to show you’re capable of undertaking the more everyday parts of the job:


  • General customer service, client calls and emails, filing, completing reports and communicating effectively with those within my team.


  • Using Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets, to track and manage the results of all social media campaigns conducted in my role as a Digital Marketing Executive.
  • Proficient also in Microsoft Word, Outlook and Powerpoint – all of which were packages used on a daily basis in previous roles.

Time management

  • In my previous role as an Account Manager, time management and organisation were key to my success in managing various different accounts and dealing with different clients needs on time.

Skills specific towards the job

Lastly, remember to include the skills that related to the job role for example:

Social Media

  • Social Media expertise in developing, creating and implementing creative campaigns across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Skilled with attention to detail using Adobe Photoshop to create engaging content for various social media platforms
  • Ability to track and monitor ads and determine room for improvement

So, when you’re devising your CV skills, remember that just listing what you’re good at, does not necessarily provide the hiring manager with an understanding of your potential. So instead, provide examples of the skills being used in previous roles. Therefore your future employer will be able to understand what exactly are your strengths and will be right for the new role?

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  1. Riz

    You’re right! Having a stand out CV will helps you get the job. Making your skill set more specific and fit in to the job requirements will let the recruiters to be more intersted to you. It’s also nicer if you have a CV videos where most of the recruiters are now preferred. Here is an app that I know My Job Pitch ( which you can send a CV video of yours that promote yourself to those recruiters who is looking a job seeker like you.

  2. Jessica

    Thanks for these tips!
    I think that soft skills are very important nowadays because you can learn how to do everything, but your personal attitude and characteristics are even more important.

    1. Andrew

      Yes, agree with you! I also think that soft skills are very important. If you are an easy-going person it is easier to work with you and you are more flexible and ready to learn new things without conflicts. I work as a team-lead in the writing agency ( and some writers are tough persons, though are very talented. So we all have to strive for the golden mean, I think.

  3. Matt

    Nicely written article! People will start to realise this year how important highlighting skills on a CV is. Many people will need to write skills based CVs to change Industry sectors thanks to COVID. You are so right when you say it’s key to support skills with examples. I see so many CVs with just a list of skills which has no impact! Keep up the good work.

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