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How to Use Transferable Skills in your CV

One of the most important things to do when creating your CV is having the ability to adapt skills previously learnt and tailor them towards your application. You may have gained these skills through part-time work, temp work, university or just general life. But you will need to incorporate these transferable skills onto your CV with descriptions and examples on how you used them. By doing this you are showing employers you have the ability to use these skills to achieve goals.

  1. Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills

Instead of just stating you have ‘teamwork skills’ describe this in more detail by stating when you have used this skill effectively. Take for example:

“I can confidently work within groups, through previously organising group projects during my time at university. To achieve set goals within tight deadlines.”

By saying this it demonstrates you are used to working with others and will have no issue getting along with new colleagues. For recent graduates, this can be relatively simple. As usually, students spend a good amount of time undertaking group projects and presentations.

  1. Leadership skills

Could be described as:

“When faced with a decision, I weighed the outcomes from making different decisions and chose the option which would be of best interest to the company.”

This shows to the employer you have problem-solving skills and the ability to evaluate and make logical decisions. Whilst putting first the companies best interests. Another way to describe transferable leadership skills into a professional sense could be if you have undertaken group work:

“When working within a group, unprompted I delegated tasks within the group.”

This shows initiative and the ability to manage groups of people.

  1. Organisational skills

You could state you have demonstrated organisational skills by:

“Setting, monitoring and achieving goals in a personal sense and within a work environment.”

So for example, if in a previous job you were assigned work to be completed for a set time, you could express how you completed this, through effective time management and advance planning prior to completion. This could also be relevant for when you met a university or college deadline.

  1. Communication skills

To show you have these skills you could try to describe a situation when you communicated well with others to achieve a goal. For example, if you have previously worked in customer service you could state, ‘

“Previously resolved issues within a work environment by advising, informing and explaining to customers the company policy. With the aim to maintain a high standard of customer service.”

Or if you have little work experience you could state during your time at university you were a confident public speaker who enjoyed presenting their ideas and concepts to others.

* Remember – through describing in slightly more detail the transferable skills focused towards a new career it can show employers what you have learnt in previous employment or education and how this can be applied to a new role.

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  1. Niladri Sekhar Pal

    Rightly explained ! It give new idea and it is very useful for job seekers.

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