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How To Use Social Media To Find A Job

Social media plays a huge part in our lives. But there is so much more to Twitter than what Kim Kardashian did last night or Justin Bieber’s latest #TBT on Instagram. In fact social media is at the core of where recruiters are looking for their next candidates.

Yes, the best thing to grace social networking and especially help job seekers was the hashtag. I mean who ever thought of the simple concept of hashtagging a key word to find a stream of content related to what you’re looking for was a bit of genius in my opinion.

That being said, Twitter has become the ultimate go-to in finding your next career move. Thousands of accounts have been set up by companies from all over the world dedicating themselves to advertising jobs for specific areas and sectors.

Look at us here at Bubble, with over 11K followers we tweet hundreds of jobs per day for digital candidates only, and that’s just us!

Rule number 1. Following the right Twitter accounts is key. There are tonnes of niche accounts so you can be really specific about what you’re looking for; i.e. if you’re looking for a role in a certain area you would follow ‘@DigitalJobsInLondon’ or if you were just after a digital position in general: ‘@DigitalJobsUK.’ Twitter is great for a quick browse or an in depth job hunt, it works for everyone!

LinkedIn is like a modern day CV without the 150 printed A4 sheets crammed into 15 wallets. If your parents think social media is all about chatting to your mates 24/7 and posting pictures of last weekend’s drunken antics, let them have a gander at Linkedin.
It’s easily the best free social network to show off who you are to employers and what you want them to see.

To use LinkedIn to its full potential simply make connections and join groups. Unlike Facebook you don’t want to be connecting with anyone and everyone, remember LinkedIn is purely for business use only and so only connect with people and recruiters in your job sector. Whereas we do advise you to join lots of groups relevant to your job search, because this is where jobs are posted and where employers are looking for suitable candidates just like you.
Facebook and Instagram are also pretty good for your job hunt.

Facebook is similar to LinkedIn where most jobs are advertised through groups, yet unlike LinkedIn you can’t apply directly and usually your Facebook profile isn’t as professional. Instagram on the other hand is great for smaller companies to advertise their jobs. You won’t find the likes of the BBC or Topshop advertising their latest positions, but small start-ups tend to use social media like Instagram as another way of free advertising for their roles.

So next time you log onto your social media accounts, whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter or even Instagram, make sure you’re always keeping an eye out for the latest vacancies! Remember employers see everything so keeping your profiles up to date and professional goes without saying.

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