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6 Tips To Help You Stay Productive At Work (as the nice weather approaches…)

Although there haven’t been many, we have had a few sunny spells recently. Even though some of us don’t get to see much of the sun, it’s nice to go to work and finish work when it’s light outside and it can make such a difference to our moods.

You may envy your friends who don’t go to work until the evening but I’m sure they envy the perks of your job too. It would be nice for us all to relax in the sun but we need to keep ourselves motivated and focused at work. By attending work and working hard, we are rightfully earning our time off.

1. Set Yourself Some Goals

We are always recommending goal setting, it is a great way of keeping you motivated at work and it really helps you become organised and focused. There may be a couple of challenges that you would like to meet before a particular date, by writing these down and regularly looking over them you will push yourself to complete them. When you have completed them, (if they are realistic enough) you may think to yourself that all that hard work deserves a holiday – go and book it!

We are all entitled to holidays and by keeping ourselves driven and engaged with different projects we can feel guilt-free taking time off work to relax!


2. Keep Yourself Happy & Healthy

Diet and exercise can have a huge impact on our moods, especially if we are stuck indoors all day. There is a large connection between healthiness and productivity so it’s important to make it a priority.

Comfort eating and avoiding exercise may cause weight gain and more severe health issues, these issues could make you disabled to work and cause you to feel down. If you aren’t happy healthwise then it’s difficult to stay happy and motivated towards work. By switching a bag of crisps for fruit at work or simply eliminating the sugar from your tea it should have a small but meaningful effect on your health.


3. Make Plans

If we have any holidays in mind, it’s best that we book them off sooner rather than later. Booking them off early will avoid any disappointment and also, prepare you for your holiday by helping you manage yourself financially and making sure you aren’t behind on any of your work.

By making plans and booking holidays in advance it is easier to get through the sunny days when you’d rather be outside and it’ll help you look forward to the time you have booked off.


4. Make The Most Of The Daylight

Some of you won’t be able to wake up any earlier than you already do, but if you do allow yourself to lie in, it might be time to ditch the extra hour and walk/cycle to work to catch as much Vitamin D as possible. Our working hours can sometimes mean that we spend most of the daytime indoors, so make the most of it before you get to work and avoid the frustrating traffic jams by becoming eco-friendly. Instead of staying at your desk for lunch or going to the canteen, take your lunch outside, not only will it wake you up and refresh you for the next part of the day, it will make you feel happier going back to the office.

Unfortunately, not all of you will be able to, but if you can – take your work outside. Soak up the sun whilst powering through your daily tasks. Make sure there aren’t many distractions around and that you can actually see your screen. It might even make you more productive! Oh and prepare for a sudden change in weather, we all know how unpredictable British weather can be. 

5. Keep Yourself Busy

Sometimes summer months can be quieter depending on what industry we work in. Try to keep yourself occupied to make sure that you don’t become bored or frustrated at work. If you have finished all of your projects and you may find yourself dawdling through the day, meet with your manager/supervisor and let them know that you have some free time. They may sign you up for some really interesting projects and you may even be able to try some new things out.

By keeping yourself busy and by continuously learning new skills and taking on new challenges you will stay happy and focused at work.

It’s completely natural to want to lie around in the sun, especially if you live somewhere where you don’t see much sun, make sure you keep yourself happy and healthy, this will have a huge impact on your personal and professional life.



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