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How To Rebuild Your Recruitment Reputation

For a company, its reputation is an invaluable asset. Within recruitment, it could be the difference between a candidate or employer choosing to work with one company over another. A good recruitment reputation can lead to company connotations such as; trustworthy, reliable, capable and efficient. These are important factors that retain clients and candidates to keep them using a recruiter’s services again and again. However, unfortunately, it isn’t always that simple. Incidents may occur and a one-off mistake could damage a recruiters reputation in the long run. Sometimes this can be inevitable so instead of explaining how to avoid this, here are some suggestions to help rebuild your recruitment reputation.

Negative feedback

If your company receives negative online reviews through social media or recruitment comparison sites it is important you think before you respond. A quick hasty decision to leave an unthought out response could only aggravate the unhappy reviewer further. So instead, ensure your reply is apologetic and professional. Offer a contact number, which in turn takes the problem offline and into a more private discussion. Find out more on how to respond to online reviews here.

Provide insight into the company culture

Focus on the positives of your company. Try to really sell your company culture to anyone taking a look at your recruitment agency online. To achieve this you want to reflect a desirable place to work without obviously stating how AMAZING your workplace is. Instead, subtle posts on different social media platforms reflecting what it is truly like to work at the agency will be more effective in changing peoples opinions. Make it fun yet believable. If you host monthly bake sales or team outings, document these on social media to give your company a less corporate feel.


Give the agency personality. Many negative opinions are formed on companies that feel unapproachable and unfriendly. Some may feel their response won’t hurt the company as they don’t consider the individual employees working there and instead see the business as just another recruitment agency. Whereas this can be more difficult if your company has a brand personality. It can make a recruitment agency more personable and easier to relate to. For example, a simple way to achieve this could be by creating a ‘meet the team’ page on your website and feature the different employees with an image and contact details. Not only will this create transparency it will act as a method to enable site visitors to contact them directly rather than treating the agency as a whole.


If you have made a mistake in the past, own up to it. Customers both client and candidate will feel more satisfied you acknowledged the mistake and are looking to move past it. If you choose to shift the blame elsewhere, you’ll lose any left credibility and it will look like you are not truly sorry.

Review your recruitment process

In order to improve for the future, it is important you review your current recruitment process. Are there any ways you can improve different stages? Look for things that could change and work on making a greater effort to make the amendments. This can help diminish the chances of a damaged brand reputation again in the future.


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