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How To Prove Commitment In A Job Interview

Commitment to a job means, being dedicated, having the right attitude and a genuine interest for the role and company you are applying for.

In an interview, your future employer may not be too impressed if you struggle to express commitment. It causes doubts and hesitation as to whether or not you really want the job.

Before your next interview, follow these 3 simple ways to demonstrate your commitment.

1. Talk long term plans

Arguably one of the easiest ways to show commitment is by discussing your long term plans. The interviewer may ask you, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” So, it’s important you have an answer that is strategic and favourable to your potential employer.

Consider the job level of the role you are applying for. For junior and graduate positions the interviewer will naturally expect some type of progressive 5-year plan. Remember, the hiring manager does not expect you to stay within the role forever!

Therefore the focus of your answer needs to be on your own personal development (hopefully within the company)! For more senior level roles you can demonstrate commitment by bringing your expertise and knowledge to the table. With the intention to build upon the potential new role and add areas of knowledge to the organisation that may not already exist.

2. Find the right work environment

The right work environment for you as a candidate will help you excel and maximise your potential. The happier you are in your workspace the more likely you are to stay within your new role. From a hiring managers perspective, a lack of commitment increases the risk of you leaving early into your employment. Which means lost time and higher expenses to restart the hiring process.

Therefore, if the interviewer asks you to describe your ideal company to work for it’s worth mentioning how you were initially drawn in by their company culture and values because they align with your own.

3. Show your interest

Is this just a job for you? Or is it a career you have a passion and genuine interest in? Hiring managers are able to detect the difference. The more knowledge you have on a subject and overall industry insight, the more likely you are to convince the interviewer you are right for the role.

This is important because when you are interested in the role you won’t get bored and move onto the next job pretty promptly. If you spend your spare time, reading and even working on projects related to your field of work, let the interviewer know this! Having the ability to do so, demonstrates a level of commitment.

During the interview, if you are asked, “why do you want to work here?” (which you most likely will be…) this is your chance to tailor an answer that really depicts what first initially attracted you to the job advert. To really express an interest, you can then go on to mention your career goals, the company appeal and role responsibilities.

How do you show commitment during a job interview? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs

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