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How To Prepare For Your First Day In A New Job

You’ve just landed your dream job, great! But your first day is fast approaching and nerves are finally starting to kick in. Now is the time to really prepare for your first day and future career. Here are some suggestions on how to do this to ensure you start off in the best possible way and create a good lasting impression.

The week before

It’s best to start preparing early. Whether this is as soon as you find out you got the job or a week before your first day, just don’t leave it until the last minute. Use this time to research more about the company and job role, you should have already done this as interview prep but exploring a little more won’t hurt. Thereby you will familiarise yourself with your new surroundings and role requirements that you will be expected to know upon arrival. It is also a good idea to plan your route to work in advance. Make a note of the location and set yourself a realistic timescale of how long it will take you to get there. If you have time, you could even do a practice run to ensure you’re not late on your first day!

A few days before

Check you have everything that you need to take with you on your first day. Whether this is clothing that applies to your new job’s dress code or stationary such as a notepad and pen to enable you to write lots of notes on your first day. It’s all-important and forgetting to bring it to your new job can look unprofessional and demonstrate poor organisation skills. Which is not ideal when trying to create a good first impression! Give yourself, lots of time to purchase these essentials and don’t leave it until the last minute, causing you unnecessary stress.

The day before

Your first-day nerves may have already started to kick in at this point. But utilise this time to plan out what you’re going to bring and what you’re going to wear. Although these seem like minor issues, sorting these the day before allows you more time the morning of to keep calm and focus on your first day. Try making a lunch to take with you and use it as a backup plan on the day.  This way if there is no staff kitchen or shop nearby you won’t go hungry. Which is likely to affect your mood and concentration if you aren’t eating.

Lastly, before you start, remind yourself that you landed this job out of lots of other candidates and there is a reason why. So have confidence you are the best person for the job and your first day will be a success!

Good luck to the new starters and read more tips on how to have a successful first day here


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