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How To Prepare A Presentation For A Job Interview

You’ve successfully impressed the hiring manager in your first interview and now they’ve invited you back for a second interview. Yet this time they want you to prepare a presentation. For some people, there is nothing more terrifying in a job interview than standing up in front of everyone and presenting your ideas. But if you are prepared and confident in your work you should have no issue in doing so.

Here are our 5 top tips to help you achieve presentation success!

Find out ALL the details

The hiring manager will most likely provide you with a brief topic they want you to discuss in your presentation. This could just simply be a couple of sentences or a general area of interest they want you to research more about. If you’re confused or stuck on the direction you want to take it, don’t be afraid to ask. Before your interview, email the hiring manager and ask for further clarity on the topic. They may provide you with some valuable information that you wouldn’t have otherwise known. It can show initiative and a pro-active approach in ensuring you produce the best possible work and what’s the worst that could happen – they say no?

Don’t ‘wing’ it

Do not ‘wing’ the presentation! By not doing any preparation beforehand and reading some quick notes you made on your phone the morning before the interview, will not end well. Even if you work best under pressure, this isn’t the way to go. You want your presentation to be well-thought out and informative to meet the brief. If you don’t put a lot of effort into the presentation how will you show the interviewer you’ll put a lot of effort into the job?

Keep it simple

Unless requested to do otherwise, keep your slides relatively simple and aesthetically pleasing. To do this, avoid cramming lots of small text into each slide, as it will be hard for the interviewer to read. Instead include images and bullet points, this will make the layout that much neater and easier to read. This will also help you when you’re reading from the screen and can prompt you into what you want to discuss next and in more depth. A much better method than reading word-by-word straight from the presentation.

Practice practice practice!

Once you’re happy with the presentation, it’s important you practice how you’re going to say it. Grab an audience, friends or family members and run through the presentation in front of them. This can help calm your nerves by making you feel more prepared and confident in what you have to say. They may even give you some helpful pointers and advice that could help improve your performance on the day of the interview.

Top tip – remember to time yourself during the trial run! This will help you realise if you’re talking too fast or you have too more or too little to say.


Be enthusiastic! If you lack enthusiasm it will be difficult to keep the interviewer engaged and interested in what you have to say. Whereas if you speak with confidence and passion you can convince the audience that you are right for this role because its something that genuinely interests you. No hiring manager wants to sit there listening to a presentation where you sound bored and feels like a half-hearted effort.

& finally good luck! If you are prepared and confident in what you have to say – you’ll be a success! Find more interview advice here


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  1. All of these guidelines are the best and anyone who wants to start his career, can follow these guidelines to impress the interviewer and get success in his interview.

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