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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Internship

You’ve been looking for that all-important work experience and finally, you land an internship! Whether it is one day a week or a full-time position, how you utilise your time there will impact the rest of your career. Treat this as an opportunity to learn all you can from professionals who are extremely knowledgeable in your chosen sector of work. The more you put into it is the more you’ll get out. Not only this it can also make a great addition to your CV.

Ask questions

There is no such thing as a stupid question. As an intern, this is very important to remember! When you are starting out in your career, asking questions is an essential way for you to learn. If you are unsure of how to do something, just ask. This way you’ll avoid making mistakes and won’t pick up any bad habits. Talk to those around you and ask them how they landed their job, they may give you some invaluable advice.

Consider yourself an employee (not an intern)

What we mean by this is, treat it as your full time forever type of job. By doing this you will appear much more committed to the role and your work will reflect this too. Whereas if you see no future in your internship others around you won’t either. Managers will treat you as an intern and notice a lack of enthusiasm or passion for the role. They’re not going to want to turn your internship into a full-time position if it looks like you aren’t capable of the extra responsibility.

Ask for feedback

Throughout your internship ask for feedback. When working on a project ask your manager for their thoughts and opinions on your work. Sometimes their response may not be what you wanted to hear but constructive criticism will help you grow and develop within your job. If you have a reprisal during your time as an intern, remember to ask your manager what they think you are doing well in. A little reassurance will build your confidence!

Keep in contact

Once your internship is over, use this opportunity to connect with your co-workers on LinkedIn (if you don’t have a page, now is your chance to make one!) For any future roles that arise within the company, your internship employer can contact you directly without having to go through the job advertising process. Make it as easy for them as possible to message you and simply be reminded that you do exist and would love a full-time position!


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    Nowadays numbers of the students are jobless and I m sure this will help them.
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