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How To Keep Your Best Employees

You may have absolutely no problem attracting, sourcing and hiring talented candidates but when it comes to retaining them, you seem to be doing something wrong. Although it is crucial to have a positive hiring process, it’s important to channel efforts into your onboarding process and for the rest of their career. Do your best to make sure that the employee’s entire experience with your company is how they expected and wanted it to be… before it’s too late!

Be Truthful

First of all, it’s important that your job advert is honest and realistic. You may have sugar coated your job advert in order to attract candidates but whatever you offered must be truthful. By providing an honest, realistic account of what the employee will do day to day and what your company has to offer, the candidates who apply will be much more relevant candidates. Most importantly, you will hire someone who is genuinely interested in that role rather than a glorified version of it. By displaying honesty from this first instance this will massively help you to retain the best talent. By lying and bending the truth, it’s more likely that you will lose your employee through feelings of betrayal and disrespect.


Help Them Settle In

After you’ve found your successful candidate and you have provided a particularly pleasing hiring process, it’s important that you provide a supportive onboarding experience. Employees need assistance when they start a new job. Whether it’s training or just settling in, it’s important that you show them the support is there. By helping them settle in, you will start of your employer – employee relationship on a good positive note, making it easier for employees to confide in you if they have any issues or queries. If you leave them to work everything out on their own, it’s likely that it will take them longer to settle, which may result in them waving goodbye.

Listen To What They Want

Before you hire a candidate, it’s important that you know what they are looking for in the role. For instance, if a candidate expresses how they want to progress in the company, then make sure that there’s the room to do so. If they have any projects that they’d like to get involved in and you can make it work, do it. By showing the employee that you respect them and what they want to do, you will build a strong rapport between the two of you. If you constantly give your employee false promises, they are likely to look elsewhere. So just like you want to get all you can out of them, make sure you give back and help them achieve their own goals and aims too.

Offer Feedback & Appraisals

Employees want to feel secure in their jobs and by regularly catching up and providing feedback you can significantly help them feel positive and happy at your company. We all need a bit of reassurance now and then and just by providing a bit of feedback, you can help your candidates to feel more secure and confident about the work they are producing. By scheduling proposals and enabling your candidates to speak freely about anything that is on their mind, this will help you to form and maintain a personal and trustworthy relationship. By having a one to one every now and it makes it easier for your employee to discuss any goals that they have, they may want a promotion and that’s certainly, one way to make them stay.



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  1. nisha gupta

    Excellent and intelligently written post … this will help me out of the funk I’ve found myself in lately .. thanks!

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