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How To Get Employers To STOP Ignoring You

How to get employers to stop ignoring you!

Are you tired of submitting job applications to only be ignored? You put the time and effort into carefully constructing your CV and unfortunately received no response. Here are some handy tips to help you get your CV to the top of the pile and receive interview invitations to the job of your choice.

Introduce yourself

You must begin your job application with an introduction through the form of a cover letter or a personalised intro email about yourself  This is because it adds personality and will provide the hiring manager with a better understanding of who you are as a person rather than a candidate. Avoid just submitting your application unless stated otherwise.

Apply for roles you are qualified for

You may find yourself ignored by a potential employer if you are not qualified for the role. Knowingly submitting a job application where the skills and experience requirements are not met will likely end in disappointment. Apply for roles that are within your skill range and you know that you could confidently perform well. Although this may seem obvious, many applicants apply for jobs in the hope that the employer will look past their lack of experience and offer them the interview anyway.

CV layout

Ensure your CV/resume consists of a simple and clear layout but it is still informative. By doing so, it allows the hiring manager to quickly navigate around your application and pick out key parts such as; employment history, skills, and education. Employers and recruiters tend to only spend 9 seconds reading your CV therefore if it is over two pages long, hiring professionals simply don’t have the time or resources to read everything and will likely give up and put it in the ‘no’ pile.

Concentrate on your experience

Before your application spend a considerable amount of time determining how well your previous experience reflects your job chances for your next role. Achieve this by ensuring your previous responsibilities match those mentioned within the specific roles job description. If you are lacking the relevant work experience you can try using transferable skills gained from other roles and make them relate to the applied job.

Be prepared for an ATS

Your job applications may have been ignored in the past due to your CV not being prepared for an applicant tracking system. Employers use ATS software to help manage the applications they receive for different roles. They can use keyword searches to look through a given candidates CV to find relevant applications for a specific role. Therefore if your CV does not contain the right amount of keywords you won’t rank highly and it will go unnoticed by the hiring manager. Include these terms by incorporating them into the body of your CV or within a specific ‘skills’ section just to ensure your application ranks highly.

You really want the job

Employers and recruiters have a pretty good idea if you are applying for a job just for the sake of needing one or whether you truly want the job because the role and company are of genuine interest to you. This can be reflected in your opening CV bio, use this to explain your employment history and where you see your career direction heading next. As this is a part that really allows you to show your personality use this to your advantage. Don’t create a bio that is generic and can be used with any other role you have applied for because it’s not memorable and employers are likely to ignore it.

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