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How To Get A Job Interview: 5 Simple Steps You Need To Take

Are you struggling to get an interview? Have you sent off job applications but received little to no response? Well fear not, we’re here to help. Here are our 5 tips and simple steps you can take to help you secure an interview:

Know where to look

Make sure you’re looking in the right places to find a job. There are obvious places to look such as job boards, LinkedIn, recruitment agencies etc… But there are other ways to find a job that you may not have considered before. Some employers (usually smaller ones) tend to advertise their current vacancies directly on their website. So if you make a note of all of the companies you would be interested in working for, you can regularly check their website for updates. You could even take this a step further and email them directly by expressing your interest in working for a company like there’s and attach your CV. Put yourself out there, you’ve got nothing to lose! Remember to check social media profiles too!

Is the role right for you?

The second suggestion we have once you’ve found a job you’re interested in is to make sure the job description matches your capability. Can you successfully tackle the job requirements and do you have the experience or skillset to help you achieve this? If your CV does not reflect your potential it is unlikely you will progress further within your application. Some candidates are tempted to apply for various different roles that they are either underqualified or overqualified for, but this will often lead to disappointment. Be practical and realistic when choosing a job to apply for. However, this by no means should cause you to miss out on an opportunity because you might be missing one job requirement or key skill. But instead, apply for the role and express your desire to build on your existing knowledge and start learning when you get there.

Create an A+ CV

It is now time to focus on your CV. You will need to ensure everything is up to scratch and is specifically tailored towards the job you are applying for. Make sure the layout and format are kept simple and easy to read. And remember – keep it to two pages! If you need help writing your CV we have lots of advice here for you – CV writing advice.

Larger employers tend to use an ATS system to manage the bulk load of CVs they receive. This is why it is important your CV contains all of the relevant keywords that match the job description. This will increase your chances of ranking higher within their results. Therefore result in you progressing to the next stage of the application process.

Perfect your covering letter

If required to write one, your cover letter is usually the first thing the hiring manager will read. So make a good impression! Use it as a mechanism between you and the employer. Avoid writing anything generic, such as: “I am interested in the role because I am passionate about the industry.” But instead, include specific information that is not on your CV that proves you are capable of excelling within the role. Read more about cover letters here.

and lastly, do something different to the rest!

Make your application memorable with an added extra that makes it hard for the hiring manager to ignore you. Do you do anything outside of work that really demonstrates your commitment to the role and industry? For example, you may have your own blog, or you may be an active member of a group that’s related to your field of work. Including examples like these prove to the employer that this is just not just a job for you.

Some candidates like to think right outside of the box and include gimmicks within their application. We’ve heard of employers being sent tea bags, sweets and doughnuts to win over the hiring manager. Sometimes a simple small gesture can help get you noticed (hopefully for the right reasons!)

TOP TIP: Give your social media accounts a spring clean! Delete or make private any controversial posts or pictures that can be perceived as unprofessional and therefore ruin your job chances. Instead, focus on building your LinkedIn page and grow your network. 

Did our tips work for you? Let us know in the comments if these steps helped you get a job interview! Or tweet us @BubbleJobs


  1. Dennis

    Finding a job interview with modern technology is so much easier for those looking for a job. Job sites are so wickedly convenient that we forget that small businesses may post open positions on their sites. It’s really smart for job seekers to adjust their strategy and have beautiful pitch decks ready before their interview. Small gestures really do make all the difference.

  2. nisha gupta

    This is an excellent, well articulated article. I appreciate the insight! Posting it on my Facebook wall now!

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