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How To Find A Job After A Stint Of Unemployment

Unemployment can be a result of many different scenarios. Those who are in-between jobs, those who have been made redundant or let go and those who are just taking time off work. But whatever the reason, it can always be difficult to get back into work.

Here are 3 easy tips to follow and help you go from unemployed to employed!

Reconsider your options

A reason as to why you might not be getting a new job is because you’ve been focusing on the wrong ones. A mistake lots of job seekers make is applying for roles they are not qualified for. To avoid this, read the job advert fully before applying. Match the job description to the skills and experience in your CV, then you can decide how well suited you are towards the potential role.

A string of job rejections is bound to leave you feeling more and more fed up. If this is the case, it could be time to consider a different direction. We’re not necessarily suggesting a complete career turnaround but applying for a different level or position within your current industry could be effective in helping you land a new job.

Remember: If past career choices aren’t relevant to the type of employment you seek now, use transferable skills and be as descriptive as possible when incorporating them into your job application.

Take on short-term roles

Be open to different opportunities. Closing yourself off and being very selective in the jobs you apply for will only prolong your unemployment. You will find that if you step outside of your comfort zone, more opportunities will arise.

Often at times of unemployment, you can feel despair, frustration and disappointment. Although these feelings are completely normal, they can still bring added pressure to secure employment. A good way to reduce these stresses is to consider temporary work. Temp work and short term contracts are a great way to fill some unemployment gaps and boost your CV in the meantime.

Revisit your CV

Make sure your CV is up to scratch. Whilst you may currently be happy with how it looks and the content inside, there still could be room for improvement. It’s a good idea to have someone look over what you have already written and get their advice on any edits or additions that could be made.

TOP TIP: Always adjust and change your CV according to the job you are applying for. If you submit the same job application to multiple different roles it shows a lack of care, interest and could potentially affect your job chances.

It is essential that in your CV you really emphasise the duties of previous roles and skills. The more information you put surrounding these areas the greater insight the hiring manager will have on what you can bring to the role.


  1. Andrew

    Thank you for this article!
    I graduated from university last year and currently is looking for a job actively.
    I had a degree in English literature, and for a long time during my study, I was working as a freelance writer at Ukessay service. But I want to try something in other spheres… but do not know where to start, as I do not have much experience except writing.

    To consider temporary work is a piece of good advice! Thank you! Also, thanks for mention some mistakes to avoid, I feel like now I will be more accurate in my CV.

  2. Vivienne Johnston

    Great advice here, especially regarding the consideration of temp work.

    Good article.

    1. bubble

      Thank you Vivienne 🙂

  3. Stephen Taylor

    Hi Vivienne,

    I have just read your article on Bubble-Jobs, I agree with you here, that instead of me moving into the same job in the same industry where my results are not getting any better. Now is the time for me to transition myself into a totally different career.

    Thank you for posting this article on Bubble Jobs. It was very insightful.

  4. Kristina

    Greate advises! Thank you! I will definitely make changes into my CV for every particular application.

  5. Brendon Wolf

    As a graduate who has faced unemployment, I confirm that you should not focus specifically on your educational profile. It’s worth trying something else if you can’t find a job in your desired field of study.
    I want to share more information and resources for your search. This was provided to me by my college. And it helped me prepare for a job in a field where I had absolutely no experience.

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