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How To Create The Best (Possible) LinkedIn Profile

5 tips to create the best possible LinkedIn profile

A strong Linkedin profile will only benefit your job search. In an age ruled by social media, your online presence counts. So make this first impression a positive one and ensure your LinkedIn page is a true representation of your professional self. Not only will this increase your job chances, but you can also build a network and find new opportunities all at the touch of a button.

But first things first… 5 tips to make sure your LinkedIn profile is in tip-top condition:

1. Be transparent

If you are looking to get noticed, write a killer opening bio. Your summary should offer transparency about what you’re looking for, where you are (career wise) and what you have to offer. This is your chance to really sell yourself, so make it concise and interesting enough for potential employers to carry on reading.

Are you unsure on how to create the perfect LinkedIn summary? Don’t panic! We have already covered this topic, which you can find here.

2. Include all necessary experience

Experience is one of the most important aspects that will help create a strong LinkedIn profile. If you are looking to create the best possible LinkedIn profile, then your past work experience is vital. Even if you are someone with limited experience (maybe a graduate fresh out of university) aim to secure internships or a short-term work placement to help give your LinkedIn profile a boost. If this is difficult, then think back to how your university or college course can be transferred into the workplace.

For the more experienced job seeker, list your previous roles and provide a brief description of your responsibilities. This is far more effective than just writing your past job title and employer.

3. Skills, skills, skills!

Include skills! There are the ‘usual’ skills potential employers are used to seeing 100x over but how about the ones that will really make you stand out? Forget the soft skills mentioning you’re a ‘good communicator’ or ‘excellent team player’ and drop your capability to use Microsoft Office. Instead, your this section should be a place that is specifically targeted towards your career area. For example, a Marketing candidate should specify their skills in social media, analytics and campaign planning.

The only exception is when your experience is limited and transferable skills are necessary to boost your LinkedIn profile.

4. The LinkedIn profile picture

Your profile picture on LinkedIn sets the tone of your page. Selfies, night out photos or blurry images are all a big no-no. Choose the perfect picture, where you are (preferably) smiling, looking at the camera and are against a plain background, with nobody else in the frame. If you keep it simple, employers will be able to recognise you easily when an interview arises.

If you choose not to use a profile picture it can look a little suspicious. What do you have to hide?

Employers may be less likely to trust someone with a grey silhouette as their picture. They could even resort to other social media platforms such as Facebook to scope out who you really are, which will probably feature less professional style images.

5. Make connections

This point features last but it is most definitely not least. If you are proactively looking for a new job, sending a LinkedIn request can help you in your search. We have known of candidates getting a job by connecting with hiring managers. To which they then send a follow-up message to introduce themselves and inquire for any open positions available.

Not only this but the more you can build your network, the stronger your profile. Growing your connections will ensure your posts gain higher exposure and reach across a wider audience within your industry.


Remember… the more ‘stuff’ you include the better. Lots of examples including, past projects, job descriptions and experience gained can make it easy for employers to assess your compatibility for a future role.

Just think, from an employers perspective, if you put this much effort into a LinkedIn profile, imagine how much work you will put into the potential job.

So good luck in creating or adding to your profile and if you have any questions, ask in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs


  1. Timo

    Nice post! Having a large LinkedIn network really helps. My last 2 jobs came from people searching me on LinkedIn.

    1. bubble

      Amazing! Yes, some often don’t know just how important that one connection request can be.

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