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How To Answer: Why Should You Get This Job?

In an interview, if this question arises use it as an opportunity to really sell yourself. Whilst for some this may be something completely out of your comfort zone… just think if you can’t talk confidently about your achievements, who will? Here are our suggestions to help you achieve this (including an example answer!)

Do your research

Before the interview make sure you can confidently list various different rationales as to why they should employ you. Make a note of everything beforehand. Include personal skills and experience and determine which the interviewer would most likely like to hear. If you are struggling to think of any reasons, ask your friends or family why they think you should get the job. They may mention something you had not considered one of your strong points!

Be confident

No matter what your answer is if you answer the question with confidence you can convince the interviewer that what your saying is plausible and they should hire you because of this reason. Obviously, this is within reason but confidence can be key. Because if you can’t convince yourself that these are your strengths, how will you convince the interviewer?

Whats your USP?

How are you different to other candidates? Maybe you have achieved something recently in your profession that you think sets you apart from the rest. If this is not the case, have you got a workstyle that champions others? You could be someone who will go the extra mile to achieve your goals. Whether this is in a professional or personal sense, if you can provide an example of when this occurred it will really demonstrate your honesty.

Example for the inexperienced job seeker

“Because of past achievements such as, completing my degree and undertaking an internship within a digital agency I believe this has provided me with a solid foundation to begin my career within this sector. Whilst other candidates may have obtained similar skills and experience, I believe my interest and genuine passion for the industry makes me an ideal candidate for the role. This is demonstrated through my blog where I regularly create new posts and discuss topics surrounding digital marketing. Which is why I am now looking to develop this further and into my career.”

Example for the experienced job seeker

“With my 10+ years experience in management, I have gained skills and experience that I could have only ever obtained through a first-hand experience. Whilst this is not without certain challenges I believe they have shaped my management style. Which have allowed me to determine what works best for myself and my team. As a result of this, we worked well together to efficiently and effectively achieve a set mutual aim.”

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