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How to Answer: “Why Should We Hire You?”

This question can be tricky and it’s usually the one that makes your mind go blank. You walk into the interview with the confidence that you are the best candidate for the role. However, when you’re asked why they should hire you, you fall to pieces and forget all of your skills and strengths that will make you a great employee. The best way to avoid this mind blank is by keeping your answer precise and to the point. Because ultimately the hiring manager or recruiter will ask you to expand on something if they are unsure.


Before the interview, look over the job description and what the role consists of. Make a note of the requirements and match these up to your own skills and qualifications. This is so you can visually see how you are a right fit for the role. It’s also a good idea to think about past experiences and how this can relate to the role you are applying for. For example, what you have done previously that can benefit the potential employer.

Experienced answer:

“Within your job description, you mentioned it is essential to have experience in paid media campaigns. I have spent the past two years working within a digital agency, where one of my key responsibilities was assisting in the development and creation of pay-per-click advertisements. The skills I developed here, I wish to pursue further and I believe this job opportunity will provide me with the chance to do so. I feel I am a good fit for this position due to my experience within a busy digital agency which allowed me to develop not only my SEO skills but also strengthen my communication skills, whilst working under tight deadlines”.

Graduate answer:

“I am a motivated individual with a keen interest in design, which I believe is reflected through my time spent at university. This is where I developed my skills in Illustrator and Photoshop, to which I extended into undertaking freelance projects. I worked with a small start-up company to develop a logo for their brand. I realised at this point this is something I am passionate about and it’s something I fully enjoy doing on a day to day basis. To which this is the reason why I believe this job role will be the perfect match for me”.

What to avoid
  • Exaggerating past experiences
  • Coming across as cocky or arrogant
  • A long and unfocused answer
  • Saying you only want the job because you need the money…

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  1. Maya Reine Gonzalez

    In an interview set up with a recruiter, I think this has to be the hardest question to answer simply because it is nerve wrackingly leads to over thinking. You don’t want to sound too confident, arrogant, or too full of yourself, or too shy, sound incompetent/incapable because you know the result is the same. You’d want to be the just right in the world of too muchs and too littles.

  2. pranit

    Great article!
    I have had an interview last week and recruiter asked me the same question but i was actually confused in what to answer exactly as it was my first interview. After reading your article now i understood how to answer this question properly and also knew what the intention behind asking this question by recruiter. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. kiran sahu

    I was really confused on how to answer the question your article proved to help my confusion..
    Thanks a lot.!

  4. Natasha

    Great article and I loved the answers you have suggested for an experienced and graduate person.

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