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How To Answer: “Why Did You Choose This Career Path?”

How to answer: why did you choose this career path?

So why did you choose this career? Something even the surest of candidates can find difficulty in expressing.

You need to answer with certainty that your chosen career path reflects the job role you are applying for. If the interviewer detects a hint of doubt, it will be difficult to convince them otherwise. Sacrificing your job chances in the process.

Follow these tips to help you answer this common interview question, with 4 different example answers.

Career path goals

Before you enter the interview room, it’s paramount to have a clear idea of your career direction. Hopefully, by this point, you already will (considering you chose to apply for the job in the first place!). But often these lines can become blurred and you end up questioning why you initially applied for the role.

However, to feel slightly less lost in the midst of your job search, create a career path action plan (find the ultimate job search checklist here) and map out your previous roles, responsibilities and future jobs you wish to pursue.

This should hopefully make it easier to not only pick the right roles for your career goals but also be able to answer the interview question with assurance.

Why this interview question?

Why are you being asked this? The interviewer wants to get a grasp of your previous work history as well as your future plans. Therefore by asking about your career path as a whole, it gives you a chance to explain both sides.

How to answer

Was there a standout moment in time that made you pursue this chosen career? Or have you always felt a natural urge to join the industry, based on interest and experience? For some job seekers, it’s not as simple as explaining your career choice as a passion you have always wanted to pursue. Because in reality, most naturally progress into their current employment.

However, if you explain your journey and how it led you to where you are today, this will provide a solid rationale as to why you chose the career path. It’s better, to be honest, and informative rather than providing a brief answer such as, “this career has always been a passion of mine…”

Example answer 1

“My interest in graphic design started at a young age. I have always enjoyed creating visuals and letting my creativity take over. So for me, a career in graphic design always felt like a natural progression professionally. I can’t imagine ever doing anything else.”

Example answer 2

“Whilst I may not have taken the ‘traditional’ career path into this job role, I am glad I took on previous roles because it led me to where I am now. Through the experience and skills, I gained previously it gave me the opportunity to really determine my niche and find where my strengths could excel. Which is why I applied for this role and have chosen this career path. It’s often difficult to say I have always wanted to pursue this career because for me I needed to try different areas to determine what type of career was right for me.”

Example answer 3

“Whilst I can’t say I have always dreamt of a career in digital marketing, considering when I was younger there was no such job role! I think growing up in a digital age and seeing the transformation of marketing has been incredibly fascinating to me. I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in and lead a new age of marketing, which excitingly will continue to evolve.”

Example answer 4

“I once had a school teacher tell me I talked too much. I never understood why they tried to turn this into a negative. So instead, I really took advantage of something that I thought was a personal quality and applied it to my career. I love building relationships with clients and its something that comes very natural to me. So a career in business development just felt like the right choice for me.”

Good luck in your next job interview! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs

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