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How To Answer: “Why Did You Apply For This Job?”

“Why did you apply for this job?”

The interviewer can ask you this question when they want to suss out whether or not you applied for the ‘right’ reasons. Or if you only applied for the job because they were the only company to respond to your application. If this is this case, make sure you don’t tell the interviewer this! Here are some rationales you can explain that will reflect you in a positive and professional light.

The main points you want to express in your answer are HOW you are the right candidate for the role (due to experience, skills, knowledge, etc…) and HOW the potential company is somewhere you look favourably upon.

Experienced Job Seeker

“What I first noticed about the job was how well suited my skills and experience are to the role. With over 5 years in Digital Marketing, I have developed and built upon my skill-set, ensuring I am up to date with the ever-changing world of digital. Then having looked closer at the role responsibilities I discovered the daily duties cover areas I can confidently say I have great knowledge in. On top of all of this, I have always had a great interest in your company and often looked up to your market-leading approach – which to me is somewhere I always envisaged working.”

Inexperienced Job Seeker

“As a recent graduate, I am eager to kick-start my career. I chose to apply for this job because I believe the role will act as a perfect transition from student to professional. This is due to the extensive training and guidance provided within the potential role. Which was a point that really stood out to me. What I am lacking in experience I believe I excel in motivation and determination to perform well in this potential new role.”

Things to avoid…

“Well I applied for this job because your office is the closest to where I live”

“After I applied for loads of jobs, you were the only ones to get back to me!”

“I have a friend that works here and I think it will be fun to work with them”

“I saw on your website that you get the day off for your birthday, so I thought that’s pretty cool”

“The job responsibilities looked like something I could do pretty easily”

(Yes these are extreme examples) But by preparing an answer beforehand you will avoid the risk of stating any of these in the interview. These unprofessional responses can be perceived as though you applied to the job for the wrong reasons.

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