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HOW TO ANSWER: Why Are You Looking For A New Job?

How to answer, “why are you looking for a new job?”

Whilst this can sometimes feel like a bit of a trick question, having a prepared answer is a must. Just make sure it reflects you, your past or current employer and your potential employer in a positive light!

Here are our top answers on how to answer this common interview question:

Example answers

“Within my current position, there is little room for growth. My employer can not offer me the opportunity to progress further in my career which is why I have sought out a new position and chose to apply for this role because I believe it can offer me something my previous role couldn’t – progression!”

“I am looking for a new job because whilst I enjoy working for my current employer the role itself has become a little mundane. Having a new challenge and opportunity allows me to work to the best of my ability and unfortunately, my employer was not able to offer this to me.”

“I left my previous position as a Marketing Manager because I am looking to relocate. Currently, I am seeking a new position within this area as part of the move and transition to a new location”

“Naturally I feel like the time has come for a change. I felt very comfortable in my role but to me, that’s not enough. I am looking for a new challenge that will motivate me and help me excel in my career. So I can learn new things and have the opportunity to work in a new environment for an exciting new company.”

“Unfortunately I was made redundant. Through a shake-up in management and a shift in company ownership my position was put at risk. However, I have taken this as an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and look for a new role with more responsibility, which is why I applied for this job. Which thinking about it, is something I probably wouldn’t have done if I was still employed by my previous employer.”


Points worth remembering…

  • Don’t bad-mouth past employers – keep it professional
  • Avoid being TOO honest and instead, keep your answer brief. The interviewer will lose interest or ask too many questions if your answer is long
  • Don’t bring names into it. If you didn’t get on with a past employee or manager it’s not worth mentioning in the interview

Talking about money is a bit of a tricky one. Telling a future employer that the reason you left your old job was that money isn’t well-received by all hiring managers. Whilst some may appreciate your honesty others may question your motives. So if you want to play it safe avoid bringing money into your answer. Instead, save this for when you’re asked about it in the, ‘what are your salary expectations question?’

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