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How To Answer: “What Is Your Dream Job?”

What is your dream job…? More like what a trick question! You’re already in an interview, isn’t it a bit too cliche to mention the job you’re interviewing for? And isn’t it all too far-fetched to mention a dream job completely irrelevant to the role? It might not help your job chances when interviewing for a marketing role you mention how you’ve always dreamt of becoming an astronaut…

As we have previously answered the ‘what is your ideal company?’ interview question. We thought it was about time to cover the ‘what is your dream job?’ question. So we have some helpful advice to help you tackle this unusual interview question with an added included example answer.

Why you’re asked this

You’re probably a bit confused about why the interviewer is interested in what your dream career is. Are they trying to catch you out?  You might feel like they’re hoping you’ll slip up and mention a job totally irrelevant to the role you’re interviewing for.

However, this isn’t always the case for all employers. Sometimes the hiring manager wants to see where you see yourself currently within your career and where you see it going.

Preparing your answer

Therefore you need to prepare an answer that is strategic and centred around the industry you are interviewing for. For example, if you’re applying for a Social Media role make sure your dream job involves something around this sector.

Even when you are just starting out in your career, it’s good to mention that you think this role is your step in the door. Your opportunity to really grow in the chosen industry and learn all there is to know.

Be realistic

Find a balance between realistic and ambitious. If your dream is to run your own digital agency but currently you are applying for a role within an agency as an SEO assistant – now may not be the right time to mention this.

Instead, tell the interviewer about how your dream is to work within a busy and lively marketing agency – where your skills in SEO can grow through working with multiple different clients on various different briefs.

Example answer:

“Growing up social media wasn’t on my radar as a potential career opportunity, simply because it hadn’t been invented yet! But now, since its eruption in popularity whether for personal use or commercial gain, I have become increasingly fascinated by the power of social. To me, this is a dream career, an industry that offers change, innovation and breaks the everyday mould. Something extremely appealing to me.”

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