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How to Answer: What Is Your Biggest Motivation?

What is your biggest motivation? What motivates you every day to get up for work and start the day? The answer to this interview question can be completely subjective – there is no definite right or wrong answer.

However, what we can do is help you understand why you are being asked this, what’s the best approach to take and examples of good and not so great responses.


Why the interviewer is interested in motivation

Motivation is a valuable trait most employers seek in potential employees. From an employers perspective, if you are motivated you are determined, you’ll go the extra mile and you’ll invest your all into the job at stake.


How to tackle an interview question surrounding motivation

If you are unsure how to answer this question, start by asking yourself these things first:

What does motivation mean to you?

Motivation is what drives you to feel inspired and powers you to get things done. Which can be as simple as your morning coffee or as complex as the detailed job technicalities you excel in.

Why have you chosen this role?

Initially what attracted you to the job? Maybe your skills and experience perfectly match the job description or you’re looking for more responsibility and this role could offer you that. There are plenty of justifiable rationales that you need to take a moment to write down and decide your reasoning.

What interests you about the career/company

Why did you choose this career? If it’s a career that’s more than just a ‘job’ to you, chances are this will be your answer to determining your biggest motivation.

Did the potential employer play a part in your job choice? An established company with a reputable brand can be strong motivators for some job seekers. Or the companies prospects, growth plan and future are motivating and somewhere you want to be part of.


Good motivation examples

1. “Working on a project that I feel excited to start every single day is a motivation for me. I think when work becomes an enjoyment it makes a huge difference in performance and the quality of work I produce.”

2. “When I work in an environment where I feel valued and appreciated I find this to be one of my biggest motivations. Working within a productive team makes it easier to get up in the morning, get to work, project new ideas, brainstorm new directions and motivate each other to work to the best of our ability. Because ultimately we all want the same end goal.”

3. “The biggest motivation for me is having a genuine interest in what I do. I am passionate within my career and when I find a job that can match this along with a company that shares my values it helps me to perform to the best of my ability.”


Not so great motivational examples

1.”The prospect of Friday.”

2. “The paycheck.”

The money debate

Many argue mentioning money as a motivation in a job interview isn’t always credible.

Often by doing so, it creates risks. Risks that can harm your job chances on the basis of being perceived as a candidate solely driven by financial incentives. Not the best look for those trying to land their next role.

But understandably money is a big motive for some. Job seekers may choose one job over another on the basis of salary. This type of motivation lies in the reward of hard work.

That’s it! Motivation plays a big part in a job role so it’s vital you answer this interview question right. Do you have an upcoming interview? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Or on Twitter @BubbleJobs


  1. Aman Nigam

    Loved that all you have shared and your information helped me alot. I was looking for something like this only.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Diane Beyers

    The above-mentioned motivation examples will surely leave a positive impression to prospective employer. While we are all clearly motivated by different reasons, I believed that the best to answes that question during a job interview is that you are motivated when you have the chance to utilize the skills that the interviewer is searching for. Whatever it is, make sure that you’ll sound more genuine and that you’re sincere when it comes to your skills, experience and the things that motivates you. Keep posting!

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